Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sani Dam Gate Burst Off - Several Villlage under Water

Several villages in downstream of Sani dam are now swamped with three- to five-feet deep water.

On Wednesday one of the gates of Sani dam broke open due to heavy rain. Sani dam is the main source of drinking and agri water for Kalyanpur and Dwarka talukas.

Around 25,000 people from 15 villages have been evacuated so far, thse villages includes Ranparada, Rawal, Suryawadar, Chandrawada, Ashiyavadar, Kanpar, Sheradi, Jepur, Dangarwad, Chur, Chappar, Gorana, Devaliya, Gandhavi and Chasalana

Repair work is still in progress, however if things does not finish on time, soon the dam will be emptied.

So far Jamnagar City has received more then 30 inch rainfall, Last sunday's rain was around 17-19 inch.

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