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Friday, May 29, 2009

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Jamnagar News

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jamnagar sports complex - Almost ready

Jamnagar will soon boast of a Ala grand modern sports complex. complex will have below mentioned facilities

  • eight track 50 by 21 meter swimming pool
  • indoor stadium
  • ladies-gents change rooms
  • 53 square meter children pool
  • badminton court
  • table tennis room
  • carom-chess hall
  • billiard
  • snooker and squash courts
  • basket ball court
  • athletic track
  • cricket pitch
  • hockey grounds
  • football grounds
  • handball grounds
  • 450 square meter skating rink
  • jogging track
  • space for coach with glass wall
  • two-wheeler and four-wheeler parking facility
  • security room
  • canteen

Cost of the complex is Rs 7 crore, the Jamnagar Municipal Corporation had signed MOU with Vishwanath Vyayam Prachark Mandal in October 2005 for construction and operation of the stadium.

JMC will spend Rs. 4 crore for the stadium and the construction land is owned by Vishwanath Vyayam Pracharak Mandal. The stadium will also be operated by Vishwanath Vyayam Pracharak Mandal.

The construction work for the stadium is nearly complete.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Falcon AWACS lands in Jamnagar

Three Falcon combat aircraft equipped with airborne early warning command control system (AWACS) landed at the IAF Jammnagar on Monday morning from Ben Gurion airport of Israel via Eilat.

These aircraft has a capacity to search enemy missiles and the ability to strike at enemy territory without infringing it.

Falcons are due for induction in IAF on May 27, one-and-a-half year late than the stipulated time due to technical problems. These aircrafts were purchased by India at an approximate cost of Rs 5,000 crore and has one of the most powerful surveillance systems.

AWACS fitted in Falcon is like a permanent dome on the top of the aircraft. These aircrafts were bought as part of tripartite agreement among India, Israel and Russia. Defence ministry sources said with the induction of this state-of-the-art warplanes, IAF's sky surveillance would become unparalleled.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

IAF - AWACS Reaching Jamnagar

First of the three Indian Air Force (IAF) Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) will finally arrive in Jamnagar on May 25.

AWACS will be fitted on IL-767 frame and will reach Jamnagar on Monday, May 25th. This will be maiden flight of AWACS from Israel, where it was built.

The AWACS, known as an eye in the sky, has a radar that could help in detecting even cruise missiles or aircraft at ranges much beyond the capabilties of present systems, it also collacts information about troop movements and missile launches on ground and even intercept highly secured communication networks of the enemy.

AWACS operation headquarter is from Agra.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Vikram Madam Claimed Victory

Vikram Madam won from Jamnagar constituency

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sachana - Boom from Recession

Worldwide economic slow down has actually become a savior for Gujarat's Alang ship breaking industry. There is a new ship everyday ready to get broken, few years back there were only 4-5 ships a month.

Jamnagar's Sachana has something to cheer about as well. Alang ship breaking yard is over loaded due to incoming traffic, many small ships have preferred to go to Sachana ship breaking yard which is located in north Saurashtra, 28 km from Jamnagar.

Sachana yard is smaller than Alang. It has 15 plots. At Sachana yard, ship stands inside the sea, away from ship breaking plot. After breaking some parts inside the sea, ships are pulled towards the plots.

Sachana ship breaking yard had total six plots.

Jamnagar Election 2009 - Road Nahin to Vote Nahin

According to first unofficial average of 40-42 per cent voting on Thursday was observed in Jamnagar.

In one of the interesting news, around 1,600 voters in Dhichada village on the outskirts of Jamnagar boycotted elections to protest their long pending demand of construction of an approach road from highway to the village.

Vice sarpanch Arvind Mathhad said despite repeated representations to political leaders and senior government officials, the village is being neglected. People in surrounding Air Force area, Jamnagar and air port have modern roads but authorities are intentionally ignoring the village.

SS Yadav, a villager, said people in the hamlet unanimously decided last night to boycott polls with a slogan "Road nahi to vote nahi".

Jamnagar District collector VP Patel confirmed that the villagers didn't vote.


Chorwad incident - Dwarka Boating stopped

In view of recent Chorwad tragedy that claimed 9 lives, the civic administration of Dwarka has decided to stop all leisure boating activities for the
next five months.

Jamnagar district administration did said that although these activities were started to boost tourism and create employment opportunities for locals, after the Chorwad incident it needs to be bought down.

Additionally several concerns were raised after the tragic Chorwad incident in which nine lives were swept away by high tide last week. During monsoons, the sea waves near Dwarka and Okha get extremely aggressive.

Boating will resume in winter season.