Thursday, May 22, 2008

Rajkot Municipal Building burns Saurashtra

Almost all political parties are up for creating mess out of this issue, Bahujan Samaj Party is arranging a Dharna, Rebal BJP is carrying out a signature campaign, Congress is simply doing protests, even less known NCP is up for a fight.

This controversy erupted when new building of Rajkot Municipal Corporation (RMS) constructed inside central zone of Ambedkar Bhawan was resolved to be named as the Chiman Shukla Building.

This turmoil reached to Jamnagar and all over Saurashtra, In Jamnagar these parties protested against District Collectorate at Lal Bunglow, In Kalavad situation got worse and Police was called in for help, similar incidents are felt all over Saurashtra

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