Thursday, May 22, 2008

Protest Against Dirty Drinking Water

Jamnagar Municipal Corporation opposition is agitating against dirty drinking water provided by JMC. On Tuesday some of the opposition members raised this issue and JMC Officials and ruling members could not give any satisfactory answers.

It should be noted that since last 1 month city residents are provided with dirty and muddy water, many resident groups have tried to draw attention of JMC towards the issue by sending the dirty drinking water filled bottles, however like other issues Municipal Corporation officials and Members are not deterred by these cries.

There are some basic problems with Filtration plant in Jamnagar, as Alum ( filtering chemicals) is out of stock since months, Municipal Corporation is borrowing alum from Indian De fence Establishments. In addition to this, Municipal corporation uses special type of "Fish" to remove algae from reservoir, however as the water turbidity is very high, fish can not be used. Adding insult to injury, many drinking water pipelines are damaged and requires maintenance across the city.

Jamnagar residents can only hope that this situation will improve before the rainy season.

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