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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Jamnagar - Travellers Cheated by not providing Volvo bus

Jamnagar Consumer Forum has directed Sapan Tours and Travels and Raj Travels to Pay 5600/- to a father-son who were harassed by services of the travel company.

A father-son duo purchased a Volvo ticket from Rajkot to Puna, however as the bus got punctured near Rajkot, and it got replaced by a simple bus, which got delayed by 3 hrs, Other bus was arranged from Gandhinagar, which halted at a restaurant for 1 ½ Hr.

The travelers reach some 7 Hr. late, it is an eye opener for all travelers who rush to these Tour organizers when they do not get Rail-Tickets.

Jamnagar - More Progressive works on the way

Jaynarayan Vyas is the designated minister for Jamnagar District.

He outlined following activities which are under progress / planned for the district.

·        Piping work for proposed Narmada work outlining is under progress and will complete by this December, this will enable 496 villages in 6 Taluka’s to have seamless distribution of water.

·        Bridge of Lalpur town was damaged in last rainy season, this will be rebuilt.

·        Khabbhalia – Rajkot link road will be completed by December.

·        In a new experimental approach, once in a week each main medical center will have an expert Private doctor to serve at the center.

·        Staffing issues of G.G. Hospital (Irwin Hospital) will also be addressed soon

Monday, January 28, 2008

Jamnagar - 59th Republic Day Celebration

Jamnagar held its main function for 59th Republic day in Lalpur, A small
Taluka 35 KM from here.

Jay Narayan Vyas saluted the Tricolor flag and saluted the parade; he
praised Gujarat for its wonderful achievements in Finance, Agro, Power
and many other main streams.

He also detailed various MNC investments which will take place in the
District in coming years and also how much the Govt. is looking forward
for the Agricultural Shape up of the State.

Jamnagar - 70 Doctors Transferred from Ahmedabad

70 senior doctors were transferred from Ahmedabad's BJ Medical College
to the Irwin Hospital (GG Hospital) Jamnagar Medical College.

The reason was that the state government wanted to fill up the teaching
staff quota at the Irwin / GG Hospital before the Medical Council of
India dropped in for an inspection.

These immediate transfers also affect the doctors' families and the
education of their children.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Jamnagar - First Rural BPO Started in Mithapur

TCSRD (Tata Chemicals Society for Rural Development) has started a new
branch in BPO Industry.

A new Brand Called "Uday" has been created In Mithapur, The Tata Salt
City some 150 KM from Jamnagar.

This center will be specialized for Gujarat Call's and will attract the
Rural Talent, with attractive points like low attrition rates and low
infrastructure costs, this business is will be a sure Hit. Tata
Chemical's CEO Mr. Basu explained the rational behind the business and
the rural development efforts by Tata Chemicals - Currently Tata
Chemicals is collaborating the business with a Unit called "ServiceSol"

Initially Tata is planning to recruit some 70-100 staff, which will be
increased to 200 once the stabilization is achieved.

This will be beneficial to girls and home makers as well

Jamnagar - Banks Stopped Working

In a response to nation wide strike of the nationalized bank, Jamnagar
Banks stopped to halt today, State Bank Of India is completely closed

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Jamnagar - Mentally Retired Youth fall from building

A Brahmin youth of around 31 fell from Anmol Apartment in Saru Section

Ashish V Dave, A 31 year old Electrical Engineer was mentally challenged
and had recently took divorced because of mental illness.

The youth locked his parents at his house, and reached the 5th floor of
the said building, from where he is feared to be fall and is declared
dead in Hospital

Jamnagar - Wooden Shipping Industry rising again

Call it as the wind of Outsourcing or cost cutting, India is enjoying
the best of all benefits.

The wealthy Arabs are at it again, in a move to cut costs Arabs are in
process of reviving the 200-year-old wooden shipping industry in
Gujarat, especially in Jamnagar.

Sheikh's entry in this foray will be a much needed boost for local
wooden shipping industry known as vahanvatti.

The wooden ship building industry exists in Salaya port; this industry
has seen good qualitative orders from African and Middle East in last
two years.

Industry old-timers feels that wooden ships made in Salaya have more
power and are skilled as compared to other parts in India or in
Porbandar / Mandvi in Gujarat.

This small ships are called Vahans, they range from 500 to 2000 tones,
and can take almost a year to shape up, the cost of such ships range
from Rs 1 crore to Rs 5 crore,

Jamnagar - Woman Stabbed another Woman

More disturbing news for Jamnagar: a woman was stabbed to death by
another woman in Limda Lane area of Jamnagar on Thursday.

Initial suspect says both the women were sex workers but are not clear
about the motive yet.

Police says that all activities in the crowded limda lane area came to a
halt when a woman stabbed Kanta Koli in the stomach.

An eyewitnesses told the police that the accused was accompanied by a
man immediately fled the scene after the crime.

Jamnagar - Recent Halar Visit - Part 1


Sorry for not posting since almost a week, well I was in Jamnagar from
18th to 22nd of Jan. Occasion was my cousins wedding.

It was one of my finest experiences of visiting Jamnagar since I left
Jamnagar some 8 years back. Chilling winter wind was all over the city
and maximum temp was just above 17-18, and min to 6-7.

However I enjoyed every piece of food I can grab.

A true Jamnagari can not live without some of the City basics, put it in
following order in the order of consumption.


Vanela Ganthiya + Super extra Sambharo + Super Extra Mora Marcha (Pref.
location Janata Fatak / Khodyar) - I used to have this daily since I was
in high-school.

Masala Cha (Tea) - Hawai Chowk, I swear I had almost 20 Tea in this 4
days. (Just from this place)


Given that we were on marriage and other places, I had little to lunch
out, however I tried to put things in balance with the following.

Limbu Soda / lemon Soda (Pref. Location - Lalwani / Digvijay plot)

Paan - Saadu Salli / Midhi Saadu (Pref. Location - Lalwani / Bajrang nr.
DKV or Ashok at Ranjit Nagar) - this time I can not enjoy Paan as much
as I used to do each time, I was stuck with bit of cough and winter side
effects :) but I took almost 2 a day.


Had Panipuri once but had enjoyed reception food, some Chinese starter
with soups, and nice Punjabi food with dry fruit sweet dishes, followed
by soda and paan.

In Part 2 - Will discuss my expedition for www.halar.org photo gallery
with some of the experiences in the city and how things are changing in
this never changing city.

Jamnagar - Khijadia bird sanctuary - Migratory birds Home

Khijadia bird sanctuary near Jamnagar is an excellent place for bird
watchers; this place is near to Sea and fresh water resources and hence
home too many varieties of migratory birds.

Currently Khijadia is home to 300+ varieties of migratory birds.

Khijadia is located just 10 kilometers towards north east of Jamnagar,

The Khijadia bird sanctuary has been nominated to be recognized as
Ramsar site, the global index for prominent wetlands and mangroves
favored by birds.

Khijadia bird sanctuary is spread over 605 hectare area,

It's a unique wetland place with sea-water on one side and fresh water
on the other side. With record of more than 200 species of birds that
nest here.

Its geological presence is the best reason to be an ideal hop-off
location for migratory birds, as the sanctuary is located on the
western-most part of the country that falls on the traditional route of
the migratory birds.

Presently there are three watch towers for bird watchers, as well as
inspection paths leading deep into the foliage. There is also provision
for paddleboats to go around, the sanctuary has three freshwater lakes,
mangroves, tidal mud humps, salty beds and everything which the
migratory birds and waders need.

The list of famous birds found at Khijadia is as follows

Black ibis
Black-winged kite
Brahminy kite
Pheasant-tailed Jacana
Common greenshank
Grey Francolin
Imperial eagle
Indian pond heron
Little tern
Black-tailed godwit
Comb duck
Common crane
Marsh harrier
Northern pintail
Eurasian pigeon
Pale harrier
Demoiselle crane
Sander ling

Crane arrivals are the best visual experience.

Other animals includes Nilgais, jackals, wolves, jungle cats, mongoose,
rabbits and certain snakes like the cobra at Khijadia bird sanctuary.

Jamngar - Marine National Park to become hot tourist spot

Narara Bet - A marine National park near Jamnagar is home to diverse
aquatic species and hence is a major attraction of local and foreign

Species here includes Octopus, coral, shells, algae plants, live oyster,
prawns and crabs. The water near Narara and Pirotan is shallow which is
the most suitable for the tourist to explore the park and look for
Aquatic species in the India's Only preserved National Marine Park near

The sea of Gujarat is around 1600 KM, longest for a state in India. And
Jamnagar has around 220 KM of longest sea-shore in whole Gujarat. The
low tide marine national park makes Jamnagar an interesting place for
Aquatic Species lovers. In other parts of world to explore this kind of
species you need to go to underwater.

Main attraction of the park is species like starfish, jellyfish. Some
times rare octopus and dolphins are seen as well.

This is one of the 42 island in Arabian Sea which has park covered with
Coral Reefs, Mangrove swamps which provide excellent Indian Aquatic
Species view.

Many other life forms are seen like algae, coral, fishes, prawns,
turtles, sea snakes, sea birds etc.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Jamnagar Reliance Refinery - One person killed in accident

A young worker was killed when an Iron beam struck on his head while
working at Reliance Petroleum refinery at Jamnagar.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Jamnagar new RPL expansion - Beating deadlines

Mukesh Ambani-promoted RPL (Reliance Petroleum Ltd) announced that it
will complete the construction and commissioning of new Expansion for
additional 5.8 Lakh BPD Oil processing.

RPL Says that it will complete its Jamnagar Project before scheduled, in
December 2008.

Golden Peacock - Reliance Refinery Jamnagar Begs it

RIL's (Reliance Industries Limited) Jamnagar Refinery has grabbed the
prestigious "Golden Peacock National Training Award -2007."

The Golden Peacock award recognizes excellence in training practices and
relates it with improvement in Culture, Business and Efficiency of an
individual or a company.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Jamnagar Kite accident - Youth feared dead

Jamnagar is noted for not following the "Usual Gujarati" festival of kite,
However this year Kites were seen all over the city,
Deshraj sinh Jadeja (24) was injured while getting kite from the electric wire near momai nagar
The youth is feared dead now.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Jamnagar Air Force - Hawk AJT on the way

Indian Air Force has designted Jamnagar Air force base as a reception place for much talked Hawk Advance Jet Trainers.

India Air Force (AIF) is acquiring 66 Hawk advanced jet trainers (AJTs) from UK, these Training jets are designed by BAE Systems of a contract worth 1.75 Billion USD.

Out of 57 of the first batch, 40 will go to IAF and Navy will get 17.

The first two Hawks designed for the Air Force had alreway flewn from the BAE Systems facilities in Brough, East Yorkshire to India at Air Force Station, Jamnagar (Gujarat), in last November, from there they flew to Air Force Training Station at Bidar in Karnataka.

HAL will design 42 of more such training aircrafts.


Thursday, January 10, 2008

Jamnagar - Woman Burnt alive because she could not bear a male child

Its horrified news for the Jamnagar District, A Mother of three
daughters was burnt alive by her husband and in-laws on Tuesday
afternoon in Suraj Karadi Village of Okha Taluka.

Rita Samani, the victim had been to married Ramlal for 12 years, they
had three girls.

After the incident, Rita was taken to the Irwin (GG) Hospital of
Jamnagar, but she died on Wednesday.

Rita has clearly stated that her husband and her elder brother-in-law
had set fire on her, because she could not bear a male child,

Monday, January 7, 2008

Jamnagar - Vaishnav's V/S Ekta Kapoor

Recent controversy in one of the Ekta Kapoor's soap has stirred anger
amongst the Vaishnav's in Jamnagar as well, some of the noted Jamnagar
Vaishnav members have wrote a letter to Govt. opposing the same, and
urged that no Vaishnav's should watch the daily soap.

Jamnagar - Illegal Bauxite Mines Sealed

Around 33 Trucks were detained in a mass operation against organized
illegal Bauxite mining near Jam-Kalyanpur in Jamnagar District.

On Sunday, Civil supply and Kalyanpur authorities raided the mining
sites of "Ashapura Minechem" and "Orient abrasives" , As there were no
supervisors, no maps and no adequate security, officials have sealed
this mines.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Jamnagar News : Much Hyped Okha Viramgam Rail Project derailed

A much hyped Okha - Viramgam , estimated at around 560 Crore is now
de-railed. The reason said is that Jamnagar based industrial giants
prefer road as compared to Railway,

However internal sources says that Reliance and Power plant (TPS Sikka)
are not the only driving force for this kind of project, if railways
authority can upgrade the infrastructure then they can make money out of
the growing tourism in Jamnagar and Saurashtra region.

It is said that this move is politically motivated.

Jamnagar News Team

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Jamnagar Essar Power Project- 10% stake sold

Private equity firm General Atlantic is almost close to buying 10% stake
in Essar Power (EPL) for around $600 million, cashing in on the
increasing power demand, EPL is planning to increase power generation
capacity to 6,500 mw by 2012.

This includes a much hyped 1,200 mw coal-fired project at Jamnagar.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Jamnagar - Quake Scare contines

More quake threats are feared in Jamnagar district.

Jamnagar is one of the areas where lot of seismic activity has been
observed in recent times, it is believed that in 2007, there were more
than 60 earthquakes of magnitude between 2 to 3.4 on Richter scale in
Jamnagar district.

These tremors were used to concentrate near Kotra village in Jamnagar
tehsil but now they are growing at a length of 20 km at various points
between Vijarakhi, Theva and Kotra villages and moving towards Rajkot.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Kenya Troubles - Fear in Relatives at Jamnagar

A NRI From kenya is currently in his hometown at Jamnagar, however his
business is looted and burnt in Kenya,

Around 40,000 Gujarati are setttled in Kenya from them around 20,000 are
form Jamnagar, Relatives of those are fearing for the worst as more then
250 are dead in the presidential election violance.

Out of 20,000 there are around 17,000 people from Visa Oshwal community.
Most of them have retail business and have huge malls and shopping

However Jamnagar Visa oswal community chief at Jamnagar says there are
no casulty of huic community, however they had suffered huge financial

Towns like Kisumu and Eldoret are no more safe, Nairobi is under army
control and hence safe. In Mumbasa people have fled their house for more
safer places.

Some relatives of a Jamnagar based journalist said that people have
taken refuge in Hindu Temples.

Cold wave hits Jamnagar

Cold wave hits Jamnagar again, yesterday was the coldest day in last 6
years. With temperature reaching as low as 7.6 Degree, cold wind was
continued at around 30 KMPH.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Jamnagar News Wishes you Happy New Year

जामनगर समाचर सेवा आप को नव वर्ष कि हार्दिक शुभ-कामनाये देते हैं


Jamnagar - New Shipping Hub

Gujarat is becoming a international shipping hub, There will soon be six shipping yards including one in Jodia / Okha at Jamnagar.
Gujarat Maritime Board will invest around 2200 Crore in these projects, A Engineering agency called POL India agency will invest some 456 Crore near Jodia (Jamnagar) and another company called Minu Marine Engineering will invest some 407 Crore near okha.