Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Kenya Troubles - Fear in Relatives at Jamnagar

A NRI From kenya is currently in his hometown at Jamnagar, however his
business is looted and burnt in Kenya,

Around 40,000 Gujarati are setttled in Kenya from them around 20,000 are
form Jamnagar, Relatives of those are fearing for the worst as more then
250 are dead in the presidential election violance.

Out of 20,000 there are around 17,000 people from Visa Oshwal community.
Most of them have retail business and have huge malls and shopping

However Jamnagar Visa oswal community chief at Jamnagar says there are
no casulty of huic community, however they had suffered huge financial

Towns like Kisumu and Eldoret are no more safe, Nairobi is under army
control and hence safe. In Mumbasa people have fled their house for more
safer places.

Some relatives of a Jamnagar based journalist said that people have
taken refuge in Hindu Temples.

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