Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Jamnagar - More Progressive works on the way

Jaynarayan Vyas is the designated minister for Jamnagar District.

He outlined following activities which are under progress / planned for the district.

·        Piping work for proposed Narmada work outlining is under progress and will complete by this December, this will enable 496 villages in 6 Taluka’s to have seamless distribution of water.

·        Bridge of Lalpur town was damaged in last rainy season, this will be rebuilt.

·        Khabbhalia – Rajkot link road will be completed by December.

·        In a new experimental approach, once in a week each main medical center will have an expert Private doctor to serve at the center.

·        Staffing issues of G.G. Hospital (Irwin Hospital) will also be addressed soon

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