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Friday, November 30, 2007

Jamnagar - Muslims prefer BJP in Sikka

Congress claims that it has an added advantage against BJP's Hindu agenda, It feels muslims will favour them (as it happened in 2002).
How true is this, Everyone is benefited by economic prosperity in Gujarat, and muslims in Sikka ( Jamnagar District) has clearly tilted the scales in favour of Modi.
Note that thic town has 70% Muslims and almost every one is supporting BJP, more then this out of 19 seat in Sikka municipalty all seats are with BJP, 14 of them are muslims. Reliance and IOC has their base in this area, clearly economic freedom has wiped out images of 2002 riots here.
Cashing on this example, BJP wants to market this model across the state, but this will not be so easy,
Congress on the other hand started appealing Urban Muslims to vote in plenty, which congress missed to appeal in 2002 elections.

Jamnagar - Dhrol the image continues

Jamnagar - Dhrol the image continues

Superstitions are well alive in political world, when every effort fails superstition takes its turn.

Dhrol is always known the infamous "Samu Gaam" (Village on the opposite side) for Jamnagari's, people here do not name the town, they think its not so good feeling to utter the name of this town (Like You-Know-Who ??).

Dhrol town has earned a notorious superstitious reputation, even in political areas. Today nobody wants to campaign at Dhrol, guess -  it is supposed to be unlucky.

Locals says that in 1975, Indira Gandhi imposed emergency just after addressing a rally in Dhrol.
Later in 1985 CM Madhavsinh Solanki addressed a rally , and soon he had to make way for Amarsinh Chaudhary.

Modern day election campaing are wrapped up in Superstitions, right from timing of nomination filing, campaing kick off everything is drived by prospourous timings / Muhurta.

BJP has gone beyond beliefs, relocating offices to meet needs of Vastu Shahstra.

Let's see how Dec 23 treats the astologers.


Jamnagar - Para military Forces arrived

As Elections are approaching, 16 Platoons of BSF arrived yesterday
arrived yestrday morning in Jamnagar , More 31 platoons will arrive
within next week.

These forces will be distributed in area like Meghpar, Lalpur, Okha,
Jam-jodhpur, Jam-kalyanpur.

various Check posts are set up on state highway's and petrolling
parties are geared up to stand against anything abnormal happening
while elections are on.


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Jamnagar - Global Refininig Hub

Reliance Industries Ltd and Essar Oil Ltd, India's largest private
sector oil refiners, are set to create the world's biggest petroleum
refining hub as part of plans to expand their plants in Jamnagar,
western India.

With new 6 bn $ Expansion, this hub will be largest hub of Refining in
the world.


Jamnagar - BJP Started ElectionCampaign

BJP president Rajnath Singh kicked-off the election campaign for the
party from Kalawad town of Jamnagar district addressing an election
rally. Actress-turned-politician Smriti Irani and cricketer Navjot
Singh Sidhu are also campaigning for the party in Saurashtra.

Rajnath singh will also be addressing an election meeting in Tankara
and Rajkot.

Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi, started a public rally at Botad
town of Bhavnagar district, and fumed the controversy by invited
Bangladeshi author Taslima Nasreen to Gujarat.

Arun Jaitley (General secretary) is scheduled to address public
meetings at Jamjodhpur and Jamnagar this evening while senior leader
Sushma Swaraj is to address three pubic gatherings in Kutch district.

State BJP president Purshottam Rupala will addressed a rally in Dwarka.


Jamnagar SEZ - Gold Rush

Gujarat alone investments of US$18 bn in 2006-07 which is 25% of India's total investment in 06-07.

The Gulf of Kutch has become "Gulf of Riches", big names like Reliance , Essar Group, Adani Group (Mudra Port SEZ) and Tata Group (Mithapur Chemilcals), have invested about $30 bn along the Gulf of Kutch's 700-kilometer long coastline, note that 300-400 KM are in Jamnagar District.

In Total Ten special economic zones (SEZs) are near Jamnagar, totaly new 4000-megawatt power project and five private shipyards are coming up. And massive expansion is being undertaken of the Mundra and Kandla ports. not to mention current expansion from Reliance Refinery.

Gujarat's Mundra port is main port from where Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) and Hindustan Petroleum (HP) are setting up giant oil storage areas or Tank Farms, Currently 60% of India's coal imports enter via Mundra port.


Jamnagar - Ranjit Nagar road in worst condition

Jamnagar - Ranjit Nagar main road to Pavan chakki is in worst condition, see news...
આ રસ્તામાં પડી ગયેલા મોટા-મોટા ખાડાઓ જામપા દ્વારા માટી નાખી પુરવામાં આવ્યા હતા. જામનગરથી લાલપુર જતા મોટા વાહનો પણ પવનચક્કીથી રજીતસાગર રોડ પર થઈને પસાર થાય છે. આ મોટા વાહનો જયારે આ રોડ પરથી પસાર થાય છે ત્યારે ખાડામાં નાખવામાં આવેલી માટીની ડમરીઓ ઉડયા કરે છે.
ધુળની ડમરીઓ ઉડતા આ રસ્તા પરથી વાહન ચાલકોકે રાહદારીઓ પસાર થઈ શકતા નથી. આ રસ્તાઓને જોતા લાગે છે કે આ રસ્તા કરતા ગામડાનો ગાડા માર્ગ સારો હોય શકે.


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Vasuben Trivedi for BJP

In a recent news, Vasuben Trivedi has been nominated for Jamnagar Seat from BJP


Jamnagar - new 10.5 MT Essar refinery

OK, one more refinery is heading for Jamnagar,
Most Live able city of Gujarat will be crowned with one more refinery.
The marketcap will come to around Rs 16,000 crore for a 10.5 million tonne refinery. Note that Essar is already setting up a 1200 MW power plant in Jamnagar


RPL Cutting down LPG Prod.

All in order to gain EOU Status ?   Yes, RPL Jamnagar unit will be cutting down LPG Prod by 40%,
Reliance Industries plans to cut LPG production from its Jamnagar refinery in Gujarat by 40 per cent to around 1.6 million tons per annum from mid-2008.

as expected, this cut in LPG production will follow a grant of export oriented unit (EOU) status to the Jamnagar refinery, 

A leading politican said that "Even though RIL has been granted EOU status, any export of LPG has to be with the approval of the government,"


IAS Office quits to join BJP

Jamnagar Municipal Corporation Commissioner BH Ghodasara has resigned from the post to join the BJP.

He will be taking BJP flag for Jodiya constituency in Jamnagar district,

This is the place where he worked as civil servant for a long period.

Ghodasara's father-in-law, O R Pate is a well-known industrialist (founder of ORPAT) in the state and has proximity Narendra Modi.