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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New Train : Okha - Howrah , 3 Days a Week

Okha - Howrah Train Sanctioned

One more long route train was sanctioned for Jamnagar, This train will run between Okha and Howrah (WB), 3 days a week.

Train route etc are as follows:

Train No: 2905 A

Runs On : Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday

Halts at : Jamnagar, Rajkot, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Surat, Bhusavad, Nagpur, Rampur .. Howrah

Train No: 2906 A

Runs On : Sunday, Monday, Thursday

Halts at : Rampur, Nagpur, Rajkot, Bhusavad, Surat, Baroda, Ahmedabad, Jamnagar .. Okha

Friday, September 18, 2015

Fisherman killed by Pakistan Marine Agency

Okha fisherman was killed in a mid-sea firing incident near Okha block of Devbhoomi Dwarka district on Friday morning.

Marine police are suspicious the firing, which took place about 100 nautical miles away from Okha port, was carried out by Pakistan marines, the fisherman has been identified as Iqbal Bhatti (40), a resident of Okha.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Train Rammed into Trackor : 4 Dead

Atleast four persons were killed when a train rammed into a tractor at an unmanned level crossing in the Dwarka taluka near okha.

Okha-Bhavnagar train rammed into a tractor, carrying four persons, at an unmanned crossing between Dwarka and Okha railway station

All the four persons on the tractor died on the spot.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Jamnagar Distance Chart

This Chart displays distance for following towns

Bhanvad, Dhrol, Dwarka, Gopmoti, Harshad, Jamnagar, Jamjodhpur, Jodia, Kalavad, Kalyanpur, Lalpur, Mithapur, Okha, Khambhalia, Salaya, Sikka

BhanvadDhrolDwarkaGopmotiHarshad JamnagarJamjodhpurJodiaKalavadKalyanpurLalpur MithapurOkhaKhambhaliaSalayaSikkaDistance
0173102205073127 199102683910513530 4262Bhanvad
01719515640100 20541387419120196 10868Dhrol
011565131132 17717959145203075 87107Dwarka
0705547 10178882320622650 6283Gopmoti
011677 1621221889859560 7292Harshad
060 4648983415116156 6828Jamnagar
0 10675956615216257 6988Jamjodhpur
07414480197207102 114174Jodia
014682199209104 11676Kalavad
010710314742 5474Kalyanpur
018519540 10262Lalpur
01096 107127Mithapur
0105 117137Okha
0 1232Khambhalia

Jamnagar News

Thursday, January 19, 2012

INS Dwarka and Okha Marine Police - Security Training

A training camp was organised by Okha marine police and INS Dwarka, cadets were given training on using air inflated emergency boat.

Gujarat coast is biggest in India, spanning 1600 KM and coast guard and Navy has strong presence considering proximity to specific countries, Jamnagar has biggest coast line of 335 KM in Gujarat, this places Jamnagar in demand of high security.

First time, Coastal DIG, INS Dwarka, INS Pralay and STS all are participating in this training exercise, INS Pralay is currently docking at Okha port.

Monday, June 7, 2010

12 Wireless Set seized

Gujarat Police - Special Operation Group (SOG) seized around 12 wireless sets in Jamnagar.

These set were captured from Okha and Mithapur. fisherman of Okha and Mithapur alleged obtained this from an ex-employee of a Mumbai based firm.

This ex-employee had around 150 wireless sets with him after he left his job, he sold these sets to many fishermen around Okha-Mithapur area.The company filed complaint to Mumbai police.

The SOG has asked fishermen to submit documents related to wireless sets before police.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

1 pakistani boat captured near okha

Indian coast guard has arrested a pakistani boat and 8 pakistani fisherman along okha coast.

Fisherman says they got trapped in weather and sailed to Indian waters more details are awaited.


Jamnagar News

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Four Drowned in district , Qawwali stopped by SP - Misc News

Four person were killed by drowning in Jamnagar and Okha town on Saturday.
Where two person were drowned near a lake at Gordhanpur near Jamnagar and two fisherman were drowned when their fishing boat capsized near Okha.
SP Subhash Trivedi is making news again, this time he stopped a qawwali program hosted by a dargah near Tin Batti, he was passing by the area at around 12.30, as per circular all event with loudspeaker should wind up by 10PM, in this case SP Subhash Trivedi went up one step further and registered a case by himself against the organisers.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Jamnagar News : Much Hyped Okha Viramgam Rail Project derailed

A much hyped Okha - Viramgam , estimated at around 560 Crore is now
de-railed. The reason said is that Jamnagar based industrial giants
prefer road as compared to Railway,

However internal sources says that Reliance and Power plant (TPS Sikka)
are not the only driving force for this kind of project, if railways
authority can upgrade the infrastructure then they can make money out of
the growing tourism in Jamnagar and Saurashtra region.

It is said that this move is politically motivated.

Jamnagar News Team

Sunday, December 5, 2010

INS Veer , Navy Week : Okha

INS Veer - A Vidyut class missile boat and a killer of 1975 Indo-Pak war will be in Okha for few days to celebrate Indian Navy Week starting 1st Dec.

INS Dwarka has organised many event to promote Navy and bring awareness of civilians to navy capabilities.
India is celebrating 40th anniversary of victory against Pakistan in 1975 Indo-Pak War.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Jamnagar - New Shipping Hub

Gujarat is becoming a international shipping hub, There will soon be six shipping yards including one in Jodia / Okha at Jamnagar.
Gujarat Maritime Board will invest around 2200 Crore in these projects, A Engineering agency called POL India agency will invest some 456 Crore near Jodia (Jamnagar) and another company called Minu Marine Engineering will invest some 407 Crore near okha.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Okha - Rameshwaram Train Announced

Much Awaited Okha - Rameshwaram train will soon start,

In yesterday's Union Rail Budget , Laluji has announced this missing piece of the Char-Dham inter connection.

With this new  extension, Dwarka is fully linked with all 3 Dham's In India.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Summer Special Train - Hapa to Bandra

A new summer special train between Hapa and Bandra (Mumbai) has been announced, this train will run leave from Hapa on Wednesday and from Bandra on Thursday, additional train between Okha and Bandra is also announced, this train will leave Bandra on Wednesday and from Okha on Thursday.

Friday, August 30, 2013

5 okha fishermen returned from Pak Jail.

5 fishermen returned safely to their homes after spending 7 months jail in pakistan.

Okha and bet Dwarka fishermen community is rejoicing the event, when 5 of their community friends returned home from 7 months jail in pakistan. wishes them luck.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Railway Budget - Whats for Jamnagar

Long wait for Railway budget was over yesterday, Jamnagar did received some goodies along with the fare hike.

Bhanvad railway station is to be developed as an ideal station, an ideal station will have basic amenities, water and adequate security and basic communication options.

A daily train between Dwarka and Somnath will also be started. Okha-Rajkot track will be upgraded to double track to reduce the waiting time.

Additionally, three weekly new trains are added for Jamnagar, Okha-Jaipur, Porbandar-Secundarabad and Hapa-Mudgaon.

Unfortunately no new trains between Jamnagar and Mumbai.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

21 Pakistani Fisherman arrested in Jamnagar

21 Pakistani fishermen strayed into Indian waters, and arrested at jamnagar, Jamnagar Coast guard officials confirmed that the fishermen were arrested on Sunday and their three boats impounded after they strayed into Indian territorial waters near Jakhau port in the Kutch district of Gujarat

The Pakistani nationals were transferred to Okha port in Jamnagar district on Monday for questioning, they added.

The Gujarat Fishermen's Association vice president, Jeevanlal Jungi, said that this latest arrest had taken to 113 the total number of Pakistani fishermen in Indian custody, while 35 boats had so far been impounded. online


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cyclone phet - Jamnagar in rain

Cyclone update -Jamnagar city received around 4 inch of rainfall today,

Atleast two people are killed so far in Cyclone phet , One in okha and another in Jodiya

Friday, November 30, 2007

Jamnagar - Para military Forces arrived

As Elections are approaching, 16 Platoons of BSF arrived yesterday
arrived yestrday morning in Jamnagar , More 31 platoons will arrive
within next week.

These forces will be distributed in area like Meghpar, Lalpur, Okha,
Jam-jodhpur, Jam-kalyanpur.

various Check posts are set up on state highway's and petrolling
parties are geared up to stand against anything abnormal happening
while elections are on.


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dwarka Sadbhavna updates

Dwarka witnessed 2 fast one by CM and another by Jamnagar MP Vikram Madam, this leads to force curfew like situation in nearby town of Okha,


Shops in Dwarka were open, as Dwarka is a major pilgrim centre, Hotels and restaurants were left with no food as around 40-50 thousand people stuffed this small town.

Few agitators who were protesting against Tata Chemicals factory in Dwarka were asked to move, to pave road for CM's motorcade passing by, On the other hand, local MP Vikram Madam was not allocated govt. guest house, hence he spend the night on road near the Reliance Guest house.

Modi, announced that he vowed to bring the "Truth of Gujarat" to the world. From Dwarka CM Modi flagged the Sadbhavna Misssion 2.0.

In next phase, Modi will vow to fast in each district in Gujarat, it seems Mr. Modi has ambitious plans for next election in Gujarat scheduled in 2012.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Khijadiya Bird Sanctury : Eco Tourism in Village

You need not be an University Graduate to save the planet, every little thinking helps the planet to survive.
Banking on Eco Tourism villagers around Khijadiya Bird Sanctury vowed to protect the environment and the area nearby, and Forest department is helping them to do so.

Khijadiya is known for its best wetland reservoir and heaven for migratory birds coming from Arabian sea, in Winter and early summer thousands of birds flock to this place, this is the fist resting place / wetland for birds coming from Arabian sea / Africa. This wetland with a marine national park nearby makes it best sight seeing place in Gujarat for Eco tourists.

Villagers near the Khijadia used to cut wild babool for their daily fuel needs, now solar cooker provided from the Gujarat State Forest Department is giving new life to Khijadia villagers and also to birds,

A World Bank-funded Eco-development project helps 10 villages in Jamnagar to provide solar cookers, bio gas and other vocational courses on automobiles, sewing etc. each village will receive sum of 8 lakh. village selected in first phase of the implementation are Khijadia, Jodia, Okunala, Balachai, Sachana, Khara Biraja, Parodia, Simani, Samna and Poshitra. Phase 2 will implement similiar project in Navlakhi (Kutch) and Okha (Jamnagar), after phase 2 total 97 villages will be covered under the scheme.

Khijadia bird sanctury has many birds like

  • black ibis
  • black-winged kite
  • brahminy kite
  • pheasant-tailed jacana
  • great thick-knee
  • common greenshank
  • grey francolin
  • imperial eagle
  • Indian pond heron
  • little tern
  • black-tailed godwit
  • comb duck
  • common crane
  • common teal
  • dunlin
  • garganey
  • marsh harrier
  • northern pintail
  • shoveler
  • Eurasian wigeon
  • pale harrier
  • demoiselle crane
  • sanderling
  • darters

Forest Department is looking forward to preserve the bio-diversity by adding more natural life style to nearby villages in the forest range.

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