Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ghumli Temple Renovation

An ancient temple in Ghumli holds special place as it stood as last symbol of Jethwa dynasty, Jethwa dynasty was crushed by Jam kings whose name marks the name of the Jamnagar province.

This almost a ruin temple is now looked upon by archaeological survey of India; recently some renovation work has been initiated in this part.
This place was capital of the Jethwa dynasty and was constructed by prince ShalyaKumar, this strategic location near Barda hills provided perfect cover from enemies, Ghumli flourished and became world renowned for trade in international markets. Jam kings attacked Ghumli in 1309 and in 1313, and they destroyed the town.
Ghumli is now a collection of only few huts of herdsmen, ASI will complete the works within 2 months and it will bring memories back of the Jethwa kings. Today ruins of Navlakha Palace (palace with a million statues), Bhan Gate etc can be seen.

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