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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Blood Sandalwood - One more arrest

One more arrest was done for the smuggling of blood sandalwood from Jamnagar / Salaya.

DRI captured large quantity of  sandalwood log from kandala port, belonging to a salaya sip, this arrest makes three captures so far in this sandalwood smuggling scandal.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Save Mangroves - Marine National Park

A campaign by Marine National Park authority is well received by Jamnagar coastal areas, a "Save Cher" campaign launched this year brings fisherman’s, coastal locals and authorities in one shed to save the mangroves in India's largest marine national park.
Around 58 villages will be covered for this campaign, this campaign will feature activities like puppet show, booklet distribution, documentary and traditional shows like Bhavai, street play etc.

Good thing about this campaign is that the activities are executed by students and local eco development committee.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Sudama Setu , temple complex inauguration - Dwarka

CM Narendra Modi will commence construction of Sudama Setu on 28 Jan, he will also inaugurate new temple complex of Dwarkadhish Temple.
New temple complex boats modern facilities for pilgrimages like luggage box, shoe boxes, CCTV etc.
CM will also commence construction of a Bandra-worli C Link look alike bridge called "Sudama Setu", stretched from Gomti Ghat to Paanchkuva

Thursday, January 13, 2011

More NREGA scandal in district

A new NREGA Scandal has emerged in Moti Gop village of Jam Jodhpur talkua,

Few villagers have complained of forging the false job cards, there were complaints of work being done by contract labours, as they are cheaper as compared to the cash offered by NREGA.

There were other villages complaining issues of same nature, FIR is under investigation.

GVK to build LNG terminal in Jamnagar

GVK Power and Infrastructure was first to link Jamnagar with Vibrant Gujarat 2011.

GVK has entered an agreement with Gujarat government for creating a new LNG importing terminal Okha Madhi in Jamnagar.

GVK is planning to invest around 7,000 crore to develop the LNG terminal, there will be a private coal terminal and Maritime city at Okhamadhi.

GVK already has two LNG terminals at Dahej (Petronet LNG) and Hazira (Shell India and Total).

Essar Bulk Terminals also inked two MoUs totalling over 8,100 crore for jetty expansions, the second agreement deals with expansion of the Salaya jetty which is presently under construction for coal handling.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Uttarayan : Some Prohibition for Ecology and Environment

Jamnagar citizens should not fly Kites during early morning and late evening, says district Collector Sandeep Kumar.

A note from collector is made available to citizens says that this was required in order to reduce the accidents from kite flying to birds that are flying to and fro from their nests.

Chinese threads are also prohibited as this poses a major health risk for birds and humans, also the thread made from glass can chock the water distribution systems and disrupt electricity.

Vibrant Gujarat 2011 - Whats for Jamnagar

With MOUs over a One Lakh Crore being signed for Gujarat, Jamnagar and nearby places do get many MOUs in place.
With big names like Mukesh Ambani, Anil Ambani , Chanda Kochar etc announcing the details of various MOU, Saurashtra, Kutch and rest of Gujarat is looking forward for news of investments.

Mukesh Ambani may announce details of proposed power plant and newly known rubber plant built in collaboration with SIBUR  Russia, Essar has announced expansions of plant.

Vibrant Gujarat 2011 seen presence of Prime minister of Rawanda, Canadian High Commissioner.

The focus of the celebration was brand ambassador of Gujarat, Shri Amitabh Bachchan.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Vehicle Registration Number - Tender to start from 17th

A press note from RTO Jamnagar says that tenders for the premium vehicle registration numbers will be made available from 17th January.

New vehicle series for two wheelers, GJ-10-BB will have separate auction for premium numbers like 0001, 0007, 0009, to 9999.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Freak accident killed three labourers

In Rozi port area near Jamnagar, three labourers were killed in a tragic accident.

According to police officials, the labourers were sleeping under cotton bags due to sheer cold in the region, while they were sleeping in morning; other labours unaware that someone could be sleeping in the cotton bag pileup started dumping heavy substances and more cotton bags, resulting to death of three labourers. They died due to suffocation. In other incident a labour at Essar's oil refinery in Jamnagar district also died when a heavy substance fell off from a crane.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ghumli Temple Renovation

An ancient temple in Ghumli holds special place as it stood as last symbol of Jethwa dynasty, Jethwa dynasty was crushed by Jam kings whose name marks the name of the Jamnagar province.

This almost a ruin temple is now looked upon by archaeological survey of India; recently some renovation work has been initiated in this part.
This place was capital of the Jethwa dynasty and was constructed by prince ShalyaKumar, this strategic location near Barda hills provided perfect cover from enemies, Ghumli flourished and became world renowned for trade in international markets. Jam kings attacked Ghumli in 1309 and in 1313, and they destroyed the town.
Ghumli is now a collection of only few huts of herdsmen, ASI will complete the works within 2 months and it will bring memories back of the Jethwa kings. Today ruins of Navlakha Palace (palace with a million statues), Bhan Gate etc can be seen.