Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Medical Hostel Girl Student Ragging - Suspension and Fine

Four Medical students were suspended and a Doctor was fined 25,000 By Anti Ragging Committee in Jamnagar .

The committee did note that this is a case of fun yet to avoid such incidents, these suspension and fine was required.

Few weeks back four medical girl students of M P Shah Medical College and a Doctor named Rupam Solanki picked up a fresher named Urmi VIjayKumar for a ragging prank, normal ragging are everyday incidents in medical and engineering colleges, however in this case victim lodged a case against Anti ragging committee by calling Delhi anti ragging helpline. Yes, there is such helpline in India, and its seems to be doing its work. Kapil Sibbal launched anti ragging helpline more then a year back, toll free number of Anti Ragging helpline is 1800-180-5522, and the Email is helpline@antiragging.net.

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