Monday, September 6, 2010

Vedanta Resources - Bauxite from Jamnagar

UK Based Vedanta Resources lead by Anil Agarwal now turns its head towards Gujarat, has Vedanta got deniel from Orissa.

Vedanta has bid for five lakh metric tonnes of non-plant grade bauxite from a Gujarat PSU , GMDC.

Vedanta is looking to acquire the same from a bidding / transfer process. GMDC is looking to sell around 9 lakh metric tonnes of bauxite, along Kutch this Bauxite is also available in Mewasa village of Kalyanpur taluka in Jamnagar district. GMDC already has approval for mining of bauxite Jamnagar district.

Now on home front, Area near Bhatia / Kalyanpur and Mewasa are excited as land and rental prices are on rise.

If this deal is through then vendetta acts of moving state machinery against Vedanta by biggest private company of India may be in vein.

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