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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Three Drowned in Und River

In a tragic incident after the rains. three persons were drowned in a river in Hamapar village in Dhrol taluka of Jamnagar district yesterday.

Und River which passes through this village was already with heavy flow when four youths went in to
take a dip, two of them manage to swam out safely but Amit and Rajesh Dangar were drowned.

A local villager tried to rescue the youths and jumped to save them but he was pulled into the force and drowned too.

Authorities had found bodies of Amit and the villager but still looking for third dead body.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Garib Kalyan mela - organized in hapa

Garib Kalyan mela was organised by state's bjp government near hapa,
politicians like dilip sanghani, vasuben trivedi, mulubhai bera etc
were present.
Amount worth crores were distributed.
This was to note that jmc elections are on the way

Friday, August 27, 2010

Municipal Elections around 3rd Oct

6 Municipal Corporation including that of Jamnagar may vote on 3rd Oct 2010.

One More death due to Swine Flu

One more person succumbed to swine flu and four new cases are reported at Irwin / Guru Govindsinh (GG) hospital in the past 2 days.

A lady named Damyanti Nanani, 60, died at the hospital at 9.30 pm yesterday.

Air Chief Marshal on Jamnagar Air base Visit

Air Chief Marshal P V Naik visited the Air Force base at Jamnagar..
Air chief was presented with station activities, Naik visited squadrons and units in Jamnagar Air Force base.

This visit is seen very important as India is mounting its weaponry against china border.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Honest Students returned 2.5L Cash

Two Students named Satyajit parmar and Sagar Solanki found cash worth 2.5L on their way back from school, they returned this cash to nearby police station and provided a good example of honesty to everyone.

CSMRI Found New Vegetation Near Vadinar

Jamnagar coastline is biggest coastline in India in terms of length and hence has the only Marine National Park in the country,

Bhavnagar based CSMRI recently found around 93 new species of florals near Vadinar, this area is in close proximity to Pirotan and Narara Island in Jamnagar.

Of these 93 species around 13 are found first time rest 80 species are found elsewhere in the world but not near Jamnagar. These species are variety in sea-weeds.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Saurashtra Janta - Fatal Accident averted

A drivers mistake could have been fatal for thousands of passengers of Saurashtra Janta Express yesterday,

Yesterday, on 24-Aug Engine driver of Jamnagar bound Saurashtra Janta train ignored the signal near Bileshwar and stopped when they saw another train on the same track.

Driver and assistant of Saurashtra Janta Express are suspended.

Cairn - Farmers Issue Explosive : Vikram Madam

Jamnagar Congress leader and MP Vikram Madam raised the issue of ongoing conflict with Cairn and Farmers of Jamnagar in Parliament,
Vikram Madam warned the parliament of the extreme consequences if the farmers cries are not heard, he also said that this could be a ticking bomb.

Jamnagar MP Vikram Maadam claims that farmers across Jamnagar district are exploited by Cairn India by acquiring lands at dirt cheap rates.

This issue was raised in Lok Sabha, Vikram Maadam informed the parliament that Cairn India is extending its work from Rajasthan to Gujarat is forcing farmers to give up their precious lands at the price of mere Rs 40,000 per acre. The same size of land is costing 4Lakh in Aligarh and still farmers are protesting. there, Vikram Maadam said that Gujarat farmers are being forced by the company to sell land at cheap rate under pressure from the land mafia and the local administration.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Khushboo Gujarat ki - Update

Image Courtesy - Ramesh Bhadra
Bollywood megastar Amitabh left Jamnagar yersterday and was overwhelmed with his experiences in Gujarat.
Amitabh Bachchan, stayed in Meethapur and went to Dwarka yesterday morning, Bachhan was featured in a video presentation with 1008 lamps on Gomti Ghat, he reached Jamnagar by road from where he left for Mumbai on a special plane.

Bachhan had completed filming for last piece of video for Gujarat Tourism promotion -  'Khushboo Gujarat Ki'.

Mobile Shop Looted near Police Station

In what could have been a nose cutting news for Jamnagar Police, a mobile showroom on PN Road was looted and booty worth 9 lakh.

This shop is located just 0.5 KM away from SP Office and a police station is not far than 20-30 mtrs.

Police complaint filed by shop owner revealed that 70,000 Cash and around 200 mobile handphone set were looted.

SP Subhash Trivedi rushed to the spot and said forensics team will begin investigation soon.

Vasuben Trivedi in ministry

Jamnagar MLA and three other junior ministers were enroled into Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi's Council of Ministers, totaling the numbers to 21.

Vasubhen Trivedi, Jamnagar MLA is likely to get portfoli of child welfare.

Recruitment of this new squad coincides with elections in six municipal corporations, including Jamnagar.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Jamnagar - 470 Years Celebration

Happy Birthday to Jamnagar

Jamnagar City is completing 470 years Today, on 16-Aug, There are various celebrations lined up to mark the event.

Jamnagar citizens, Rajput community etc will visit the statues of Royal kings and temple of Ashapura near Darbar garh. 

Other celebration items includes Photo exhibition and events for old citizen home, and a elocution competition on "Jamnagar  Mayor of 2021", Students will participate in Swimming, Table Tennis, badminton etc competition, Brahmin's association will create a 470KG Ladoo to mark the 470 anniversary of the City.

Read more on Jamnagar History

Khushboo Gujarat ki - Video Launch

Khushboo Gujarat ki- first phase of Gujarat Tourism Promotion ad will be released on Monday, Amitabh Bachhan and Narendra Modi will be releasing this promo today.

Films on Asiatic Lion and Gir, will be promoted with the catch phrase sher dil (lion heart).

Amitabh Bachhan will visit Dwarka, Bet Dwarka and Nageshwar from 20th August onwards
and will leave from Jamnagar for Mumbai.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sasoi Dam Pics

Shops Closing at 12 in night.

With every new police officer there are good things to the city, and sometimes not so good.

DSP Subash Trivedi had bought peace to the city yet few things can be eased out for common man, with new DSP most of the shops and eateries are now being closed at around 12 in night, worst of all common hangout areas like S.T.Stand , Hospital are also asked to be shutdown by midnight, Jamnagari do like to hangout in night and there was never a case when law and order got disturbed by this.

DSP should look into this matter and take neccessary steps.

Monday, August 9, 2010

HPCL Refinery : RIL Jamnagar's New Challenge

Around 50 senior engineers recently left Reliance Industries (RIL) Jamnagar to join HPCL Mittal Energy Ltd's upcoming 9MMT Guru Gobind Singh Refinery at Bathinda in Punjab.

Considering recent refining growth in India, RIL and ESSAR refineries around Jamnagar were the only option left for poaching. most of the new refineries are built on UOP technology which serves as common ground for most of the engineers to venture in different companies.

A HR Analyst also said that this trend is just started and may be increasing over the time.



Change in BigB's Dwarka Travel

There is slight change in timings of Amitabh Bachhan's Visit to Dwarka

As per official spokesman Amitabh will visit Dwarka on 20-21's August.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Amitabh Bachchan - Dwarka Ad Shooting

Come 16th August and Dwarka will be host to Amitabh Bachhan. Big B will be here to shoot an ad for promotion of Gujarat Tourism.

Amitabh Bachhan is brand ambassador for Gujarat Tourism and have completed a ad tour of Kutchh/Bhuj.

Administration is working on smooth execution of this event that will be on for 2-3days, area near Gomti Ghat, Ambani Marg etc is now cleared of for shooting.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Khambhalia Rain Update

Jamnagar district is still experiencing heavy rain, Khambhalia received 32 inch rainfall in last two days,

This leads to a flood situation. Electricity, Transport and essentials supply is disrupted, Ghee Dam in Khambhalia is overflowing by 4 feet as we note, food packet distribution is underway from authorities.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Jamnagar Heavy Rain Images

Pics by Ramesh Bhadra

Ranjit Sagar Overflow Pics

Ranjit Sagar Dam
Ranjit Sagar Dam
River Near Ranjit Sagar
Causeway Near Ranjit Sagar

Images by Ramesh Bhadra

Jamnagar Heavy Rain Experienced

As we note, all dams of Jamnagar (24 in total) are overflowing.

This also includes
  • Vartu
  • Vijarakhi 
  • Ranjitsagar
  • Sarsoi
  • Rangamati 
  • Ghee
and other dams. City has experience very heavy rainfall in last 2 days, on Saturday Jamnagar City had 3 inch rain in just 45 Mins. Jamnagar's  Khambhaliya experienced 10 inch rain in 16 hours.

Jamnagar-Khambhaliya State Highway is blocked by heavy water flow. Many villages are cut off and disconnected.

State government has sent a rescue team, only 2 taluka Jodiya and Dhrol has not experienced much rain in last weekend.