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Friday, January 22, 2010

15% Profits Rise by RIL

Reliance Industries announced its first profit rise since last year. India's largest company by market capitalisation grows by 15.8% to 40.1bn rupees ($861m, 530m USD).

This performance was boosted by higher natural gas production. Income for the third quarter jumped 80 percent to 568.56 billion rupees.

Reliance operates the world's largest oil-processing complex in Jamnagar, western India, where two adjacent refineries have a combined capacity to process 1.24 million barrels of oil a day.

Monday, January 18, 2010

More Swine Flu Death : Total 9 Death from Jamnagar

Plastic Pollution : Five cows died after consuming plastic

Four kg plastic and Polythene bags lead to death of five cows.

Plastic food poisoning killed five cows in Bhanvad near Jamnagar, Vets found around 4 KG of plastics from the stomach kf these cows. Locals believed that the food grains in plastic bag were distributed to cows as a part of Uttarayan offerings.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Cricketer Ranjitsinhji's Royal Antiques Recovered

Thieves who stole royal antiques of famous cricketer Jam Ranjit Sinhji from Jam Saheb Bunglow were caught yesterday.

Surendranagar LCB and Rajkot RR cell arrested all five members of the loot gang. They call themselves the "Devipujak Gang". Several precious jewellery, gems, antiques and cash of around Rs 5 lakh has been recovered. All identified are from Porbandar / Jamnagar district, mostly lives in Surendra nagar.

Surendranagar SP said that they were arrested during regular vehicle inspection on the Rajkot-Limbdi highway. Few stolen items were in the vehicle and rest at their place. The looters didn't knew what they had looted.

What is disturbing that this gang has been stealing regularly from the palace since seven - eight months and looted the palace almost 25 times, Current king and scion of Jamnagar Royal family and descendant of cricketing legend Jam Ranjitsinhji, Jam Saheb Shatrushailya will send an inventory list to police and then police will value the recovered booty.

List of Items recovered
  • Four precious gems 
  • An antique pearl necklace 
  • Two gold chains 
  • Seven gold rings 
  • A carpet woven with gold and silver threads 
  • 23 silver items including elephant ornaments, decanters, photo frames, lighter, tray, cigarette case, clock and silver spoons.

Uttarayan Kites : Lakhota Birds Protection

Jamnagar City and neadr by place like Khijadiya has been a paradise for Bird watchers in Winter.

While the life in Khijadiya may be cool for birds but in Jamnagar town it becomes deadly in the festival of Uttarayan.

Earlier Jamnagar had very few kites in days of Makarsankranti, now a days with vacation and trends from Ahmedabad/Mumbai, Jamnagar is flying high on Uttarayan with sky full of Kites.

Jamnagar citizens who had started kite flying in Uttarayan recently, are now taught a few lessons of bird care by Jamnagar Municipal Corporation (JMC).

Jamnagar Municipal Corporation (JMC) has banned the kite flying in early morning and also in the late evening. This is peek time for a bird to fly to the nest. Jamnagar has pioneered herself to be the first city to have such rule.

Several bird lovers will be patrolling the Jamnagar Lakhota Lake area, this area has around 100 species of birds, all injured birds will be given immediate treatment.

A bird lover also requested Jamnagar citizens no to feed or throw away Ganthiyas near bird areas, he appealed that oily food like Ganthiyas are not at all good food for birds. Few nature lovers will be doing a educational drive for the same as well.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Jamnagar Royal Antiques Stolen

Looters are on the prawl in Jamnagar and this time they stole antiques worth over Rs four crore from Jamnagar Royal Family.

The list also features a very high priced antique cricket bat of Ranjitsinhji Maharaj.

The news broke out when security personnel of the Royal Palace informed police about the robbary. Crime scene investigation reveals that the thieves could be inside the palace since a fortnight.

The booty stolen by unidentified men is worth 4 crores.


Jamnagar Police had confirmed that Ranjitsinh's famous bats are safe. A team of special officers and a DIG level official confirmed the news.

Although the officials confirmed the burglary, but said that the bat and other heirlooms of the Cricket King is safe.

Shashidhar told TOI the burglars did not touch the section where the bats or gemstones were kept. According to him, the burglary happened at least 15 days back. "The burglars removed a huge glass pane and just walked into the palace," he said.

Shashidhar said that the damage was not assessed because the scion of the royal family, Shetrushailyasinh Jadeja, was away in Mumbai.

Police have also found chilly powder, bottles of soft drinks and knives, which shows that burglars may have been living on the terrace of the palace for some time.

Save these historic bats: Gill

Sports minister MS Gill was saddened by the news of burglary in Ranjitsinhji's palace in Jamnagar. Even though it was learnt on Tuesday that the bats and some other valuables are now safe, Gill sounded angry that such priceless bats and other artifacts had been left to rot.

"It is painful to see that such priceless items are not being cared for. They are our nation's treasure and should be in a museum," Gill told TOI.

Gill, who had visited the palace some years ago, said that he had written earlier that the cricket board (BCCI) should look into issue and convince the owner to let them take care of it, or let the Ambanis care for it. Gill said: "I went to the new palace and felt terrible after seeing valuable historic bats, photographs and paintings rotting in empty halls."