Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dolphin - Sea Turtle Killer had the permission

The Dolphin death incidents has surged controversy, the local contractor has shown the clearance certificate from Gujarat Maritime Board (GMB) officials to blast the wrecked ship to clear off the 15-feet deep silt on it.

The explosion has left forest officials carrying out search operations along 14 islands in the region to find out if more species have washed ashore.

Sub-contractor Atul Somaiya, who carried out blasts in one of the most delicate ecosystems, has shown the relevant GMB papers to the forest department.

Meanwhile, the death toll in the dynamite blast in this protected zone has gone up to five dolphins and 10 turtles.

In a a separate incident, more then 100 people were admitted to the G.G. hospital and more then 300 others given first aid after they ate food at a marriage function in Jhankhar village.


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