Monday, May 5, 2008

Saat Nari Gang Member fled

Four under trials managed to escape from Jamnagar District Jail on Sunday.
funny thing is that the jail authorities came to know of only when other prisoners informed them.

Jamnagar City police have registered case against the four and launched a hunt to arrest them.

The four escaped criminals  are

  • Naresh Devraj Devipujak alias Jilu (24)
  • Vallabh Devipujak alias Dinesh alias Devraj (22)
  • Mansukh Solanki (20)
  • Ramesh Parmar (20)

For security reasons, the fence around the jail is made of live wires, however electric supply was cut off on Saturday due to some technical reasons.

"Somehow" the under trials knew of this and then managed to escape.

It should be noted that these criminals were from the famous "Saat Nari" Gang, which is involved in murder and robbery.

Although a dog squad was immediatly put on service after, but the dogs could not trace them after 1.5 kilometers.

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