Thursday, May 29, 2008

Jamnagar's Jadeja To Farm Banana in Dhrafa

Jamnagar will now be known for things other than petro refinery and brass part industry.

Jamnagar will soon have business of bananas farming.

This will be first time when bananas would be grown in Saurashtra, conventionally Jamnagar produces traditional crops like groundnut, wheat, cotton and sesame.

A Rajput famrer of Dhrafa named Balvirsinh Jetubha Jadeja has taken up cultivation of bananas in experimental way.

In his spacious farm land of 25 acres at dhrafa (Jamjodhpur taluka) he begun by planting 45,000 tissue culture plants, each TCP (Tissue cultured Plant) costed him 16 Rs. These likely to be ready by August, 2008.

The sales of around 15 tonnes could reach Rs 60 lakh.

Mr Jadeja had created history by planting Taiwanese Papaya at Limbdi (Surendranagar).

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