Friday, March 7, 2008

Jamnagar - Maha Shiv Ratri

Maha Shiv Ratri (Mahashivratri)  was celebrated with full heart in Jamnagar.

Main procession was carried out under banner of Mahadev Mitra Mandal.

The procession started at 4:00 PM in the evening, it went from Nagnanth Naka, Bedi Gate, Ranjit Road, Ratan Bai Masjid, Darbar Garh, Bardhan Chowk, Central Bank Road, Hawai Chowk, Pancheshwar Tower Road, and reached at Bhid Bhanjan Mahadev temple at 12 PM

This time there were around 11 Beautiful Floats decorated with Idols Of Lord Shiva.