Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Dwarka - Girls School teacher fighting for Justice

last year a complaint from a lady teacher in a PVM Girls High School Dwarka, was ignored by former education Minister Anandiben Patel.

Last year, Dwarka-Kalyanpur MLA Pabubha Manek wrote to Patel, and updated her about the incident, along with a copy of complaint made by victim "Jayshree Dave", a teacher in PVM Girls High School in Dwarka.

Dave was teaching at the girls' school for 20 years, she was forced to resign after she said no to some trustees for sexual relationship.

Arvind Thaker the new principal started problems for Jayshree in 2002, earlier it was a mental harassment which soon changed into sexual proposal, it was in early 2007 when thaker asked for sexual favours, when she protested, she was forced to resign.

As Dave's finance are in trouble, Pabubha had written once more to the new education minister "Raman Vora" on this January.

Seems in Narendra bhai's Govt. no one can take any actions other then Narendra bhai himself.

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