Friday, February 22, 2008

Jamnagar - Book Inauguration - "Ghumli Sandarbh"

Narottam Palan of  Bhanwad has immense affection for "Ghumli",

In his recent book called "Ghumli Sandarbh" (Ghumli reference), he had depicted the Bhan civilization which was existing some 2500 years ago, this place was first discovered by an Englishman called Col. Toad in 1822, he later introduced the civilization to the world.

Ghumli was capital of first Saindhav's and Jethwa's from 735 AD to 1404 AD , last 420 years were ruled under Jethwa regime.

This place has many ghostly stories, like the famous Bhootvad (Bhanvad) and many stories like that of  Vir Mangana Varo and Padmavati, Meh - Ujli, Son - Halaman, Son - Nagarjun, Son Kansari - Babariyo, Mala - Mek, Randhir Pabu etc.

Kudos to Mr. Narottam for such a lovely book.


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