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Friday, February 29, 2008

Jamnagar News - New Poll Released

On Trying to do something interactively, We had introduced a poll on the blog site.
Current Poll Subject is "Condition of Jamnagar Roads".
Do check it out.

Jamnagar News

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Jamnagar - RIL Blamed for Cooking Gas Crisis

The Central Government found out a great reason for Cooking Gas Supply Crisis,

Govt blamed Mukesh Ambani-controlled Reliance Industries Ltd and Essar Oil of the Ruias for shortage of cooking gas in some parts of the country.

Minister of State for Petroleum Dinsha Patel ( Who lost against Narendra Modi  in Gujarat elections) blamed the private refiners had reduced their supplies during January.

It is believed that Cooking gas Pipeline from Jamnagar to Bhatinda was running dry and the scarcity was kind of artificial

Jamnagar News

Okha - Rameshwaram Train Announced

Much Awaited Okha - Rameshwaram train will soon start,

In yesterday's Union Rail Budget , Laluji has announced this missing piece of the Char-Dham inter connection.

With this new  extension, Dwarka is fully linked with all 3 Dham's In India.


Jamnagar - city bus killed a youth

Jamnagar has now its own blue line bus service.

In an incident near G.G hospital (Irwin hospital), Driver of city bus no. GJ-10-U-973 created a havoc when he crushed a unidentified youth and fled from the spot. The victim died on the spot and is yet un identified.

The bus conductor has logged a complain against the driver and hunt to nab the driver is on.

Jamnagar News

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Jamnagar Business Opportunities

Jamnagar News Service will soon Launch a series of posts under title

Jamnagar business opportunities

This series will cover many unexplored business opportunities which can be practiced in and around Jamnagar

Jamnagar News service

Monday, February 25, 2008

Jamnagar - Bandhani work

Someone just asked me about specialty of my place.

I named bandhani as the one.

here is a brief description of that.

Bandhani work is a kind of dyeing practiced mainly in the states of Gujarat ( some place in Rajasthan too ) , India.

Sometimes, it is also referred as Bandhani art or Bandhani art work. The term "bandhani" derives its name from a Hindi word Bandhan which means Bond / or tying up.

Bandhani work involves tying and dyeing of pieces of cotton or silk cloth. No artificial cloths / fabric is used tin Bandhani. The main colours used in Bandhani are yellow, red, green and black. Bandhani work, after the processing is over, results into a variety of symbols including, dots, squares, waves and strips. Jamnagar , a prime city in Gujarat (India) is very famous for bandhani work, infact even today also bandhani is printed using ancient block printing and hand made colors in Jamnagar ,


Jamnagar - Essar Power Ltd to import Coal from Indonesia

Essar Power Ltd is planning to fuel its Jamnagar Plant by Coal from Indonesia, Ruia brothers are planning to spend up to $500 million to acquire a coal mine in Indonesia.

Essar Power is thinking of an alternative fot making a long-term supply contract for 6 million tonnes (mt) a year of coal for its 1,200MW power plant at Jamnagar.

This adds Essar to a list of Indian Power co. who have recently struck similar deals like Tata Power Co. Ltd, Star Emmsons Resource, Reliance Energy Ltd and PTC India.

Essar's Jamnagar plant will cost around Rs 4,800 crore. Essar will supply 1,000 MW to the Gujarat State on a long-term basis at Rs 2.40 per unit.

Essar can sell the remainder to a customer of its choice at a price of its choosing. The project will compose of two units of 600 MW each and project is likely to be commissioned by 2012.


Jamnagar - Gujarat Budget 2008 - 2009

Narendra Modi government Monday announced its decision to mobilise Rs.8.8 billion ($220 million) by pouring additional tax in Fiscal year 2008-09.

This will end a 2 year no-tax budget regime. Finance Minister Vajubhai Vala said that the new tax will, however, leave a deficit of Rs.1.16 billion uncovered and the additional tax will not be imposed on petrol and diesel, also declared and exempted goods also will not attract the additional tax.

Although this was not a surprise, as the state is losing Rs.18 billion as octroi revenue in a full year, by abolishing it in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, Rajkot, Bhavnagar, Jamnagar and Junagadh municipal corporations. However its worth noting that prices of the items thus spared by Octroi loss has not gone down in last 4-5 months, and this additional tax will add the burden to the common man.

Vala did announced a proposal to create new technological university equivalent to Indian Institute of Technology during current year and plans to establish an Indian Institute of Management-like premier institute in collaboration with Public Health Foundation of India.

Other major numbers in the budget included
Rs.32.55 billion for Sardar Sarovar
Rs.21.11 billion for urban development and housing
Rs.7.75 billion under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Reform Mission
Rs.9.42 billion for agriculture
Rs.8.96 billion for industries and mines.

Vala announced that a new farmer's kit will be distributed to all the farmers living below the poverty line.

Jamnagar News Service

Cooking Gas - New Racket Bursts

Cooking Gas Scarcity is an ongoing complain able item in Jamnagar, however in the marriage season, the party plots / cooking party and other such suppliers do get a regular share of the cooking cylinders.

A new racket was exposed in Khambhaliya, where almost 400 forged connection were applied and the cooking gas was supplied from those connection to such suppliers, those who had their names in these connections, do not even have a Gas burner at their home.

A complain is logged and Civil supply and Police are doing further investigation.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Jamnagar - Book Inauguration - "Ghumli Sandarbh"

Narottam Palan of  Bhanwad has immense affection for "Ghumli",

In his recent book called "Ghumli Sandarbh" (Ghumli reference), he had depicted the Bhan civilization which was existing some 2500 years ago, this place was first discovered by an Englishman called Col. Toad in 1822, he later introduced the civilization to the world.

Ghumli was capital of first Saindhav's and Jethwa's from 735 AD to 1404 AD , last 420 years were ruled under Jethwa regime.

This place has many ghostly stories, like the famous Bhootvad (Bhanvad) and many stories like that of  Vir Mangana Varo and Padmavati, Meh - Ujli, Son - Halaman, Son - Nagarjun, Son Kansari - Babariyo, Mala - Mek, Randhir Pabu etc.

Kudos to Mr. Narottam for such a lovely book.


Jamnagar - Khambhalyia Road got worst

Almost a 10 Million Rupees had been spent just a year ago to re-construct the road between Jamnagar and Khambhaliya, however in less then a year the condition is worst then it used to be, huge potholes are wide open and quality of the construction is in serious doubt.


Jodha-Akbar got resistance in Jam-Jodhpur

Even Small village citizens are sensitive, Rajputs of Jam Jodhpur have opposed the screening of Jodha Akbar,
Rajputs here burned the mock of Ashutosh Gowarikar, and handed a letter to Deputy Collector of Jam Jodhpur in Jamnagar District.


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Jamnagar - Man Commits Suicide after loosing in Stocks

A person committed suicide after making a heavy loss in the stock markets, at Okhamadhi town, approximately 170 Km from jamnagar.
police said that Harish Thobhani , an investor, suffered a heavy loss during the recent volatility in the Indian stock markets.
After consumed poison he jumped into the sea, his body was recovered from the sea shore on last Saturday morning.

Jamnagar News Service

Friday, February 15, 2008

Jamnagar - Two More Squadron for IAF Jamnagar

In a not a surprise step, The Indian Air Force (IAF) started shifting all the three fighter jet squadrons based in Pune's Lohegaon air base which includes  one Jaguar (18 fighters) and two Sukhoi 30 MKI (36 fighters) squadrons

The Jaguar squadron has been permanently shifted to the IAF's Jamnagar base.

One of the two Sukhoi squadrons is likely to return to lohegaon once the repair work gets completed.

IAF explained that although Number 30 of Sukhoi Squadron to Jamnagar that might be the one to come back..

some one said that the existing squadron in Jamnagar is for maritime defence and patrolling. The new squadron will be for air defence over land.


Monday, February 11, 2008

Jamnagar - Record lowest temperature

Jamnagar have recorded temperatures lowest in the last sixty years or so.

This has slowed down the pace of life in the City.

A Record of Lowest "5.0" Degree temp. was recorded on Friday.


Jamnagar - Hotel Construction Boom for Jamnagar

Jamnagar is proving its importance again and again, with the Petro Boom for the city next big things are Hotels.

jamnagar has shown 75% growth (from 0.21% in 2001-02 to 0.365% in 2006-07) in GDP over the last five years,

There is upcoming 10 lakh sq ft of real estate development, this includes two five-star hotel projects one from Niho and one from DLF, Tata will be creating a budget Hotel as well.

Niho's Scottish City Centre has an investment of around Rs 250 crore. This mega project will be spread over 8 lakh sq ft and will boast a 5-star hotel as well.

Niho Head feels that Once the port development will be completed, the boom in the Hotel sector will increase.

While Niho is on toes, DLF is pumping Rs. 150 crore for the project and has already acquired 1.20 lakh sq ft land. sources says that DLF will start construction within 3-4 months.

Tata's Ginger group will be investing Rs 8-9 crore and will set up a budget hotel in Jamnagar.


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Welcome to Halar.org

http://www.halar.org  news and blogs are now available on http://blog.halar.org

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Reliance Mart Opens In Jamnagar

Mukesh Ambani-owned Reliance Retail Limited (RRL) launched its 'Reliance Mart' in Jamnagar. more of such stores will be launched each store will have an investment of Rs. 40-70 crore and will be spread over 1-3 lakh sq. ft.

Reliance Mart will have a Reliance Auto Zone that will also provide services such as maintenance and repair of cars and three-wheelers.

Sources said this could be later expanded to opening up if business fir second-hand value brand cars along the side of the HDFC Style model.