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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Modhvadia V/S Modi

Modhvadia V/S Modi:

The Congress accused Narendra Modi of encouraging terrorists in Saurashtra, it also says that no action are taken against these "professional criminals"  of villages and towns.

Arjun Modhvadia issued a statement after the murder of 16-year-old Piyush Thakkar of Rajkot, (he was kidnapped), he also mentioned more incidents of same nature like

  • Porbanders Ramesh Kucchadiya's kidnapping / killing
  • Dinesh Kanakiya's (Mithapur - Jamnagar)  kidnapping.
  • Siddharth Lakhanis (doctors son) kidnapping and killing.
  • Khushboos (a teenager from Vankaner) kidnapping.

He added that modi took 75 Hours to prepare anti-terrorism speech for Mumbai, where he declared that he would not spare any terrorist, and yest police is not acting in his own state. because criminals are, in fact, being protected by these policemen.

Jamnagar - MONSOON has arrived in its full pace

MONSOON has arrived in its full pace

It was July and it seemed there would be no rain. Things changed, and State (except Kutch) received good rainfall over the last two days. not to good news for Navsari district, 6,000 people were evacuated from low-lying areas as South Gujarat recorded the heaviest rainfall.

Back in Saurashtra, all districts except <b>Jamnagar</b> recorded significant rainfall. All 14 talukas of Junagadh district received moderate to heavy rain with Una town recording 233mm rain.

Water level at the Sardar Sarovar Dam, Kevadia Colony, at 4 pm on Saturday was a safe 114.61 meters, said authorities. Ahmedabad recorded 430mm total rainfall till Saturday morning while Gandhinagar recorded 344mm.

Though district collectorate officials in Ahmedabad claimed they were not facing a flood-like situation, fire brigade officials said they were prepared for immediate action in case need arises.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Now A Fanaa yatra

Now A Fanaa yatra,

There will be a three-day procession to immerse the mortal remains of Pravin Joshi,

The ‘asthikumbh yatra’, organised by Samast Brahmsamaj, will pass through major towns and cities of Gujarat before it reaches Kevadia Colony on Monday. the youth , Pravin Joshi immolated himslef in protest against the screening of ‘Fanaa’.

Karshan Odedara- BJP MLA from Kutiyana and Samast Brahmsamaj leader Rambhai Mokaria, flagged off the yatra at Sudamachowk in Porbandar. On Friday, the yatra was supposed to pass through Jamnagar and reach Rajkot at night.

The 30-year-old Joshi, had immolated himself at Ambar theater in Jamnagar on June 6 to protest against the screening of ‘Fanaa’. He succumbed to his burns at G G Hos pital in Jamnagar 12 days after the incident.

Additional Municipality for Jamnagar

Additional Municipality for Jamnagar

Narendra Modi never sleeps...Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), has showed its strength in the municipal corporation / panchayat elections just a few months ago.Modi has decided to consolidate his urban vote bank by merging around 70 municipalities and panchayats with four of Gujarats mega citiesnamely Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat and Jamnagar.

Just to remind you all that the jamnagar is leading its way to become mega city in Saurashtra region, leaving Rajkot behind... Modi gifted Petro capital Jamnagar and industrial city Vadodara, one additional municipality each.

Sachivalay Says that, as there are larger urban development in big cities, it is almost natural to merge the nearby areas for improved urban amenities by strengthening the revenue positions.
Also it says that there is nothing called as Free-lunch, people living in the suburbs merged with the cities can have better living conditions, which also means higher taxes for them (property and octroi tax are most obvious ones).

The decision, by and large, welcomed by residents of the merged areas. “Like all big cities, Gujarat city are also bursting at their seams and all new development is taking place on the outskirtThishis will also uprise the real estate boom, real gains from this merger move will accrue to the party in power.

Wife revoked in Five days

Wife revoked in Five days

A Jamnagar resident Gordhan Patel lodged a Police complaint with Crime Branch saying he was defrauded of Rs 25,000.

It so happened that Gordhan was seeking for a bride of same caste and approach a marriage consultant named Vewai in Anklav (Anand district), some 10 days back he got married to "Geeta" , but just five days after the marriage, marriage consultant of that bureu came and took away geeta saying that she was already married.

it so happened that once Gordhan decided on Geeta as his prospective bride, the marriage agent asked for Rs 41,000 from him for arranging the match. Gordhan sayed he will pay the amount, later. they both married at a Waghodia temple in Vadodara, they came back to Jamnagar.
In just five days, Vewai team came to Gordhan's house and took Geeta away with them. ''I was told that Geeta was married to another man and that they needed her to convince him for a divorce. Geeta left with jewellery and saris worth Rs 17,000 which we had bought her during the wedding and also Rs 5,000 in cash,'' Gordhan told the police.
out of the said team, two are arrested.

Thursday, July 6, 2006

GE Compressors For Reliance Refinery

GE will supply Compressors to Reliance Refinery

General Electric Co. Announced Thursday that it has won a contract to supply compressors to Reliance Petroleum Ltd. for its upcoming refinery in Jamnagar.

Three reciprocating compressors compressors will be supplied by GE's oil and gas business arm, it will also supply Two screw compressors and spare parts for the $ 6.1 billion refinery in Jamnagar, The value of the deal was not disclosed.

The reciprocating compressors will be manufactured at GE's oil and gas facilities in Florence, Italy, while the screw compressors will be supplied from GE's plant in Oshkosh, Wis., the statement said. The equipment will be shipped during the first and second quarters of 2008, GE already supplied similar machines to Reliance for an earlier project in 1997 and 1998.

This Reliance refinery in Jamnagar, and once completed in 2008 it would make the industrial town of Jamnagar, the world's largest petroleum refining hub.

Mukesh Ambani, chairman of Reliance Industries Ltd already announced that the combine capacity of this the two refineries will be to process 1.24 million barrels of crude oil per day.

Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Burglars Breaking in Jamnagar

Burglars Breaking in Jamnagar

It was a busy day for Jamnagar police, as many as 15 theft were reported in mere two hours, this includes 15 shops, offices and a bank, thr cash pull was reported to be around Rs 65,000 ( which includes and cash and goods), Jamnagar Police found that they were in a group of five , and were travelling in a white maruti car.

Police said that the robbers broke into commercial establishments between 3.45 am and 5.15 am, taking advantage of the downpour during this period.

Rajiv Bhagat, Jamnagar superintendent of police did add that there are few eyewitness who have seen the the robbers and as per their description , Jamnagar Police will soon draft sketches and start operating on it, Jamnagar Police did found that the robbers were outsiders. They tried break the United Bank (Town Hall). They reached the strong room, but luckily can not break the strong-room door. Infact burgled selected only those complexes, which were closed or without security men.

Brass Parts Industry Sinking in Jamnagar

Brass Parts Industry Sinking in Jamnagar


Jamnagar has only one local industry as of now... BRASS INDUSTRY.. but due to Exim policy and competition.. this is also fading away... Vagaries of the international market have taken a toll on Jamnagar's small brass units.  This industry in Jamnagar is struggling for life as there is global fluctuation in metal prices, currency and increasing tax burdens. 

In last few years with metal prices reached scorching High.
Ramnikbhai Shah, a leading industrialist in Jamnagar says that more then 500 units have shut down because of this metal price uplift, he is a leading brass importer of Jamnagar. he quoted that current price (landing price) of 1 KG brass is Rs 250, however the best rate a local unit can give is Rs. 200.

most of the brass here is imported by Europe, and copper prices are rising very high in Europe and the international market. Fluctuating exchange rates added an insult to injury. Tax structure in local government constitutes of 10% import duty on the raw material, there is also 16% countervailing duty (refundable) + 4% special duty is slammed + 2% cess, this increases the cost of brass by Rs 51 per kg, so sustaining the long term trade is a matter of much concern, adds Amrut Shah ( He is secretary of the Jamnagar Brass Parts Manufacturers' Association). 

The ray of hope can be seen if only some tax are relaxed, because small scale manufacturers and processing units cannot take advantage of the government tax schemes, traders are also demanding change in policy and providing centralised warehousing facility for brass imports.

One thing should be noted that this business is the economic lifeline of Jamnagar ( and not the near by big refineries), trade volume of this industry comprises of small players. and small players can not afford to order worth Rs 40 to Rs 45 lakh, this problem can be solved if a government provides central warehousing facility and allow to procure the required raw material from there, this is the only way of survival for the industry.

if this does not happen the industry will soon collapse in Jamnagar, and many will be left jobless in the town.

Monday, July 3, 2006

Sowing Delayed by lack of Rain

Jamnagar is worst affected as of now ..
The sowing season has been delayed in this region of Gujarat. Only 30% of land have been sowed so far. However, if the rain is due on time, this figure can increase. Also there were reports of showers and increased humidity over the last couple of days, raising farmer's hopes. According to data from agriculture department only 42,000 hectares in Jamnagar (30%) have come under sowing.