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Monday, April 30, 2012

Reliance plastic thieves arrested from jamnagar

In a combined operation, jamnagar police managed to arrest 14 member gang who confessed in stealing reliance refinery granules loaded truck near refinery. Most of these gang members were employee of the transport contractors within the refinery, jamnagar police could identify them from CCTV of reliance refinery. Most of the looted booty was sold in Gujarat or Rajasthan. Jamnagar police also found that they used to loot commodities and costly items.

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Two more bike looted from Jamnagar

Two more bikes from Digvijay plot area were reported stolen,
Police is investigating more on this theft.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Water scarcity in Jamnagar, Patel colony hit.

Jamnagar's prime residential area, Patel colony is facing issues in water distribution.

Each day only water is distributed for 40 min in most of the Patel colony areas, as the distribution is done with low pressure the residents on higher floor can not receive the water in ample quantity.

Each concern department water distribution was notified of this problem, however no action has been taken.

With growing population in City, Jamnagar Municipal corporation will need to put in additional efforts to provide basic necessity like water to everyone.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Pakistan marines fired on fishermen

In a provoking incident, pakistan marine security agency open fired a jamnagar fishing boat near jamnagar.

A fishing boat was named sagar bhuja and it came under attack near jakhau area.

One of the fisherman was hit by open fire and is under medical treatment.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fisherman Bana CrorePati - a catch worth millions

A Jamnagari fisherman became a Crorepati in just one catch.

Hassan Isha Bhaya, a small time fisherman from Bharana (Jamnagar) caught 363 Ghol fish while fishing near Jakhau. As per the fisheries , This type of fish is very rare and never caught in large quantity, also these are deep sea fishes and in area around Jafrabad to Kodinar.

A fish trader at Jakhau said that he has never seen this much catch in his fishing career of 35 years. This catch gave the fisherman 80 Lakh.

This entire cache was bought by the Veraval-based Fish dealer Rolex Sea Food. As per the current market prices, each Kg of Ghol Fish is sold for 600 Rs. In India, outside India it is sold for around 50 USD.

As Ghol fishes are rare they are difficult to find, also the medical aspects of the fish increases their prices in international market.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Murder and suicide in a family

A husband killed his wife, and committed suicide.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

JMC cricket, expenses and tax

Next time when you think about heavy tax in jamnagar municipal corporation. Think of the current inter municipal cricket tournament under going at cricket bunglow in jamnagar.

With estimated expense of 15 lakh, the tournament looked simple. But an insider report obtained by Anjali News clearly shows expennses of 35 lakh.

This expense includes some mind boggling expenses like around 1.25 lakh for cricketers kit, exorbient expenses on fire crackers and around 9 lakh on lighting setup at cricket bunglow.

Only difference in ipl and this tournament is absense of cheer leaders.

Sachana ship breaking yard- workers deathbed

One more explosion at sachana ship breaking yard left one dead and 3 more injured.

This is 4th death in last few months, many are now questioning the safety arrangements at sachana and also reasons for the mysterious blasts that are killing these workers.

In past explosions at alang ship breaking yard revealed that ships with live explosives were bought for ship breaking. Lets hope this is not the case at sachana.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

RIL Jamnagar Let Threat - Security tight

With threat to Reliance refinery from pakistan based militant group LeT, security has been tightened across refinery.

Although more details are awaited, but contractors and visitors confirmed the tightning of security around jamnagar reliance refinary complex

Conch shells found. Illegal

In a shocking news, jamnagar district police recovered some 873 conch shells from oe person. Although the valuation of these shell is not much but just around 17,000, this is a case of illigal trafficing of marine national park property. This was found from a bootlegar wanted for making country liquor.

Most of the conch shell are alive. These conch shell collected from marine national park is sold in haridwar.

The life in the shell is brutally killed by dissolving shells in boiling water

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Oil Depot Raid - Groundnut Oil Seized

In a collobarative raid organised by Jamnagar civil supply department, Over stocked groundnut oil worth more then 1 lakh was seized near bedeshwar.

In a similiar raid in Khambhaliya, one more shop was raided and ground nut oil worth half a lakh was seized.

Monday, April 9, 2012

2 Lynched by Mob in Bhanvad

Two notorious thieves were lynched by a mob when they were caught during a theft.

These men were wanted in a dozen case of robbery and loot, they robed a bike from the Morzar village in Bhanvad and went on looting spree in the same town.

Villagers were doing a night watchman duties when they saw around half a dozen man trying to enter the village. The robbers pelted stones to the villagers.

Later when the thieves attacked the mob, the mob thrashed them with sticks and stones, resulting in death of two of the robbers.

Police had booked case against the looters and more investigation is being carried out.

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Cricket Bungalow - Why Renovated now

Finally Jamnagar’s only cricket ground, Cricket Bungalow is renovated and ready,
read why this promptness in renovation, and what govt. was doing in last few years when the stadium was in dismal condition. Read more on  Jamnagar Cricket Bungalow Renovation Completed

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

C M MODI innaugarates Atal Bhawan


C M Modi innaugarates atal bhawan.
New BJP office near janta fatak

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