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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Politics ruins Lok Dayaro

Internal politics in a trust lead to cancellation of "Lok Dayaro" in Khambhaliya,

A charitable trust named, "Janseva Cheritable Trust" organized a Lok Dayaro, and invited popular artist "Farida Mir", but as the program got delayed, Police stopped the program at 10PM, the artists had to go back.

MP Vikram Madam was also present during this program.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Panic Picnic : 2 drowned at Balachadi

Two brothers Mahendra Padhiyar and his younger brother Prithviraj, drowned in the sea near Balachadi beach, on Friday. Both went to enjoy picnic along with bunch of friends, while swimming they got into a strong undercurrent and were drowned.

Jamnagar Fire Brigade officials have fished out the bodies from the sea.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jamnagar Rain Updates

This week, rains started on time in Jamnagar district, Jamnagar city received around 1 inch of rainfall in first day, Dwarka town received 3inch, Khambhaliya 3 inch and Kalyanpur received 2 inch of rain.

Although first rain bought relief to Jamnagar citizens, lower areas suffered water logging right from day 1 of the rain, Low lying areas in Dwarka like ISCKON gate, Bhadrakali road, Jalaram Temple, Dwarkashish society are water logged. In Khambhalia, most of the low lying areas were under water on first day of the rain.

Perhaps it was a wakeup call for the administration to act.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Appeal to citizens, keep the city clean.

Since childhood, I have seen jamnagar as it is today, same dust, crippled infrastructure, no access to public utility, very tough public transport and above all the only visiting place in city, Lakhota palace and lake in totally dismal condition.

Have left the city since last 13 years or so, every time I visit Jamnagar, I always had one hope, this time the road from railway station to city will at least be pothole free, Lakhota will be clean and the walls around it will be mended, all the near by gardens will have some signs of nature, those gardens won't be a open gambling place. Like new buildings of
State and city administration, i could see at least cleaned up and un-fractured public utility places.

And every time, my expectations managed to exceed ground reality, the ground reality is same in every "growing" city in India.

Where are the roads that I always dreamed, where is the clean city, where are dustbins, where are cleaners that I am sure JMC is showing in their annual accounts, where is the supposedly infrastructure expected by a municipal corporation of a city that has world largest grass root refinery, the city that contributes around 25-30% share in petroleum produce of this country, the city that has brass parts industries, defense, natural reservoirs, exotic beaches like Pirotan and narara.

Alas, it is a dream, and the reality check is far away from the dream, city administration does not care, nor any politicians, administrative officials or any citizen of this city, Yes, we all are equally responsible for the state of this city.

We citizens, clean our house, throw the trash outside, hoping those whom we pay tax will collect it for us, they will keep this city as clean and shining as we do with our house, we park our vehicles wherever we like, we ride them as if a child is learning how to play with a remote control car, we do push our kids to clean the house, but we don't teach them to keep the garbage in dustbin when we are out, we don't care to follow traffic, stay organized and of course maintain public cleanliness.

And we blame administration for not doing enough, if they are not doing enough, we all are equally responsible.

Anjali news channel has recently started campaign for saving Lakhota lake, let us all join and contribute all we can to make our city "Paris" again.

Kamla Nehru Park to be privatised

Kamla Nehru park will soon be given for private management, with this move it seems there will be fees imposed on the entry of the park as well.

Ironically this news came after around 1Crore were distributed by CM Modi on the gardens and parks, it seems JMC management wants to cash out this public money by giving the management to private parties and get cash from them, once the garden is set for private management, all sorts of un approved things may pop in, one may see many hoardings, banners and advertisements in the park.

Anjali news has recently campaigned about deteriorating condition of the Lakhota Lake and tries to wake up JMC, it seems JMC officials are in no mood to look at citizen's appeals.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Nine Policemen injured

Nine police men were injured when a jeep carrying nine if them (!) overturned near jodaia.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Carbide Mangoes - JMC wake up

With increase in demand for Mangoes in the city, Mango vendors are shifting to more in-organic ways to ripe the Mangoes.

A hazardous substance , Carbide is used in abundance to ripe the mangoes artificially, every medical and health team should inspect the Mangoes religiously and without any preferential treatments. However many
vendors are getting a free run to use the carbide and one can see the carbide bags in Lakhota lake, Subhash market etc. will JMC look into this ?

Monday, June 6, 2011

city selected to track climate change

 world-renowned philanthropic organisation, Rockefeller Foundation has selected Jamnagar among three cities in India to undergo a planning process to face the vagaries of climate change  Two other Indian cities selected as pilot cities under this project are Shimla and Bhubaneswar.  This study will be adopted later in 10 various cities across Asia in future. Issues such as water supply system, drainage networks, solid waste disposal and energy-efficient building technology, will be addressed by a climate change core team. The core and advisory team of the ICLEI, besides the officials of the corporation and other stakeholders, will also include engineers, architects, energy specialists, planners and ecologists. The ICLEI South Asia Programme is part of the Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network, funded by the Rockefeller Foundation. The programme aims to cover cities in India, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand. Regarding energy efficient and disaster-resistant building technology, the ICLEI officer added that the climate resilient planning tools would propagate the use of energy generated from unconventional source. #end