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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

President Pratibha Patil - Visiting Dwarka

President Pratibha Patil's is visiting Dwarka and nearby places starting October 2.

Jamnagar Authorities are doing everything it takes to make this event success, a temporary helipad is also planned near the Dwarka temple.

13 rooms of Dwarka circuit house have new air-conditioners, Indian Army, Navy and Airforce Cheifs will welcome her on her arrival.

President Pratibha Patil's  will visit all the temples of Dwarka and after lunch, she will leave for Sasan Gir for a Lion Safari.

Police staff of around 1000 personnel are deployed in Dwarka, including Range IG police, SP's, DySPs etc.

Dwarka - Oceanarium to be build soon

Gujarat Ecology Commission (GEC) is planning to build a marine oceanarium in Dwarka, GEC has already sent a proposal to the Union ministry of environment and forests.

GEC Director says that although Gujarat has highest coastline in India of 1600 Km, Gujarati's are now aware about the underwater life forms.

Near Jamnagar, you can visit many small island and see wide range of sea creatures like whale sharks, sea turtles, birds, dolphins etc. There is also need to increase awareness about coral and why coral reef's are important. World wide coral reef's are under danger due to rapid industrialisation, pressure of human expansion and pollution.

Dwarka was choosen for this project as it is fetching maximum no. of tourists due to its name as renowned pilgrimage place.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Navaratri Heritage theme - Summair Sports Club Jamnagar

Jamnagar Summair Sports Club is celebrating Navaratri with a beautiful heritage theme.

All parts of the Jamnagar Summair Sports Club are decorated with a heritage touch, entrance of the Jamnagar Summair Sports Club resembles Khambhaliya Gate, dancing arena has majestic structures like the Pratap Vilas Palace entrance gates and the seating arrangements are royal as well.

Stage background has superb decorations like Jamnagar Darbargadh. Photographer Sameer Shah took pics of this places and those images were used to reconstruct the complete royal grandeur.

Jamnagar Summair Sports Club has been organizing the festival for the last 28 years.

First Suspected Swine Flu Death

There are prelimenary report of a suspected swine flu death in Jamnagar. A young tailor, Bhavesh Kanjaria, died on Thursday night at GG Hospital.

Victim was hospitalised as he camplained of chest pain, cough and fever. He was diagnosed with pneumonia in both lungs.

Later doctors found H1N1 traces and was shifted to an isolation ward in the hospital.

Although this case is yet to be confirmed as Swine flu positive, if at all it is, this will be first death in the city by Swine Flue.

Friday, September 25, 2009

INS BEDI - Decommissioned In Mumbai

Indian Naval Ship (INS) Bedi, the third ship of the 19 Mine Counter Measure Squadron was de-commissioned on Tuesday at the Naval dockyard Mumbai..

For Jamnagar , the name bears a pride as INS Bedi derives her name from the port of Bedi. INS Bedi was acquired from the Soviet Union.

INS Bedi is a fearless ship and her motto was ‘Lead to Protect’

She was a marvel in clearing mines before the giant ships like INS Virat can make way.

Rear admiral Sunil Lanba,  OC Maharashtra and Gujarat Area (FOMAG), was the chief guest at the ceremony and presided over the de-commissioning ceremony.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Monday, September 21, 2009

Medical College Ragging Case - One Arrest

A medical student from Ahmedabad complained of Ragging in Jamnagar Medical college.

The incident took place in the PG medical (orthopedic) department of the M P Shah medical college in Jamnagar, later one out of the four victims filed a police complaint and bought the matter to surface, here both the accused and the victim are from Ahmedabad.

Out of four, three of the victims managed to transfer to Rajkot medical college, but the the fourth student, continued to be subjected to target, he said that the accused were snatching his money, bike and would beat him often.

Prime accused of the case, Dr. Hiren Patel is now rusticated from college for 2 years.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Jobs In Jamnagar - New Poll Announced

Just announced a new Poll on Jamnagar News :  "Jobs In Jamnagar"

Pulses worth 34 lakh seized

Tackling the black marketeers in saurashtra, On Sunday, Jamnagar civil supplies department captured pulses worth Rs 33.75 lakh.

Jamnagar Civil supplies department captured the pulses near Sanjay Nagar area, located in outskirts of the Jamnagar. Civil Supply Inspectors revealed that around  91,000 kg of tuver / chana dal were recovered during the raid.

Owner of the Krishna Industry are taken in police custody. It was known that large discrepancy in the storage accounts of the firm was reason behind suspecian adn the raid.

Total pusle cost is around 34 lakh.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

19 Year Old Girl Shot herself

A 19 year old Rajput Girl killed herself using licensed revolver of her father.

The incident happened at the girls home in Patel Colony on Friday night. Police  explained that Pujaba Jadeja was upset after a heated argument with family over some trivial issue, she took out her father Pravinsinh Jadeja's revolver and shot herself in the stomach. She was rushed to hospital where she was declared dead. Her father runs a hotel on the highway the revolver was licensed for protection..

Monday, September 7, 2009

Jamnagar - Earthquake

A 3.9 on Richter earthquake jolted Kutch / Jamnagar on Saturday afternoon. No damage to property or person has been reported Yet. The quake was recorded at 12.10pm IST on Saturday. Seismologist explained the epicentre as 12km north-east of Dudhai village in Anjar taluka of Kutch district.

The tremors were felt with high intensity in Jamnagar, Jamnagar citizens experienced the sudden tremor, quake was also felt in Khambhaliya and Jodiya.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

3.36 Crore withdrawal scam

Rajkot police had filed a complaint against a Jamnagar based businessman has on account of money laundering.

Chetan Parekh, who runs investment from Mochi market Riddhi siddhi withdrew Rs 3 crore from his Bank of Baroda account, the money was deposited in his account by mistake.

IPC 403 FRI was filed on Thursday ,following the withdrawal of entire amount by Parekh.

BOB , by mistake deposited whooping 3.36 crore in Parekh's account on Saturday from UTI Bank by mistake. The entire amount was withdrawn Parekh Tuesday.

Investigation revealed that the Parekh took branch manager in confidence before he withdrawn the money. Parekh told the manager that he recived this payment from an overseas client and he intend to use this for buying a property. manager suggested Parekh to open a bank account on the name of the client which he promptly rejected.

Once BOB came to know of the issue and called Parekh, he put it as a wrong number and siphoned off the cash to many accounts.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Gang Rape Case - Twist in the tale

Ahmedabad and Jamnagar Police are circulating their focus on a call made to the city police control room on August 13. The call pertains to the gang rape of a Jamnagar girl.

On August 13, Ahmedabad police control received a call from a woman who said that her daughter was kidnapped and had been gangraped. Police rushed to the house, the woman told the cops her 17-year-old daughter had managed to escape was coming back to Ahmedabad by train. Police also found that the woman has remarried and her daughter stays with her first husband in Jamnagar, few days later when police contacted her she said her daughter had returned to Jamnagar and the matter is resolved. On august 25 the same woman again approached the LCB and narrated a similar story.

After the intervention from a Senior Ahmedabad Police Officer the girl was released from Mumbai and was sent to Ahmedabad. In Ahmedabad victim told the police that she had been gang raped thrice in Jamnagar, Rajkot and Mumbai by seven youths.

Ahmedabad & Jamnagar Police are not sure why the girl's mother called for help on August 13 and never filed any complaint.

Police is looking in the matter.

Tremors felt near Vijarakhi

Very mild earthquake measuring 2.8 on the Richter scale was felt near Vijarakhi village on Monday morning.

Seismology Department official explained that the epicentre of the earthquake was 15 km south-east of Jamnagar town near Vijarakhi village, the tremor was felt around 8:19 am and lasted a few seconds.

It is widely known that post rainy season, Vijarakhi village which is adjecent to Vijarakhi dam felt this kind of tremors.