Wednesday, December 20, 2006

72yr old dies after son hits him with plank

A 72 year-old man succumbed to head injuries allegedly sustained when he was attacked by his son with a wooden plank on December 14, at the Rajkot Civil Hospital on Wednesday. His son, Vikramsinh Jadeja is absconding. His son beat up his father, Ghelubha, following a dispute over some property at their home in Balva village in Jamnagar's Jamjodhpur.
Vikramsinh had recieved 10 bigha land from his father, but wanted an additional 2.5 bigha from the land his father had kept for himself and his wife.

Nanduba, Ghelubha's wife, told police that her husband had given their two sons 10 bigha of land each, from their total property of 25 bigha, and had reserved five for himself. The couple has two sons and a daughter.


Their younger son Vikramshinh had been pressurising his father to allot him 2.5 bigha more, she says. Father and son had had a heated exchange about the issue on December 14, after which Vikramsinh attacked his father with the plank.



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