Saturday, December 23, 2006

Jamnagar Refinery Glares embresses Iran

As Iran is planning a massive expansion of its refining infrastructure, it called on India's No 1 private sector company Reliance Industries (RIL) to set up a greenfield refinery complex and a gas-to-liquid (GTL) plant in the country.

Iranian delegation had a meeting with Reliance international operations president Atul Chandra. RIL , whol also operates a 33 mmtpa (metric million tonnes per annum) refinery in Jamnagar, is in process of setting up another 27 mmtpa refinery through its subsidiary Reliance Petroleum.
Iran is the second largest importer of gasoline (over 40% of its total consumption) due to refining capacity constraints.

A high level delegation from Iran led by the energy department head had visited India last month. Members of the delegation held meetings with Reliance officials to discuss the proposal. M Marvi, head of energy department, technology co-operation office, said that "We have discussed the proposal to set up a refinery complex and a gas to liquid plant with RIL. Their response was encouraging."  When asked about the capacity of the proposed refinery, Mr Marvi said, "It would be capable of processing at least one lakh barrels of crude oil per day."

Gas derived liquids being free from sulphur, aromatics and metals will help the refineries in meeting new guidelines for cleaner fuels and environmental standards.


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