Monday, December 18, 2006

NRG To Invest In Jamnagar

The unprecedented interest shown by NRGs in realty back home, has real estate developers even in dusty Saurashtra towns of Rajkot and Jamnagar not just designing exclusive schemes but also opening up overseas marketing offices to woo deep-pocketed diaspora.
"Given the large number of queries we have been receiving from NRGs, we decided to launch exclusive housing schemes in upmarket areas,"
explains Kishore Kotecha of Rajkot-based DK Group, who has conceptualised 'NRGs only' schemes in Jamnagar and Rajkot.  
While Kotecha, who has marketing offices in Middlesex and Leicester, claims the Rajkot scheme is already 'house full', the Jamnagar one is booked over 50 per cent.


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