Monday, June 22, 2009

Women Labeled HIV Positive and paraded through GG Hospital

In what could be termed as one of the most disturbing moment for GG (Inwin) hospital, a HIV positive pregnant lady was labeled as HIV positive and paraded through the wards to warn other patients about her status.

Prafula Parmar, a nurse at the GG Hospital stuck a label that read 'HIV Serum positive' on her forehead. it is so disturbing as labels are pasted only on foreheads of dead bodies after post-mortem examination.

On Saturday, the victim met the gynaecology department head Dr Nalini Anand. After going through her reports, the doctor told her to stay away from other patients and told the nurses about her health condition. The woman had come to the gynaecology department for a check-up on Wednesday. Tests confirmed that she was HIV positive and doctors advised her to terminate the pregnancy, which was done.

The nurse, Prafula Parmar, pasted the label on her forehead and took her around the hospital campus on Saturday, it was mid-way through the parade that volunteers of 'Jamnagar District Network of People Living With HIV' noticed her and they took the matter with hospital supritendent.

Health minister Jay Narayan Vyas instituted an inquiry and asked two doctors and a nurse to proceed on leave till completion of the inquiry.

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