Monday, June 15, 2009

Barda Sanctury - Mining poses threat

There was a time when Gujarat State Govt wished to shift Asiatic Lions from Gir National Sanctuary to Barda wildlife sanctuary in Jamnagar.

Information sought by RTI reveals mining activities near Barda area.

21 permissions for mining around the forest area have been granted since 2002, many NOC are issued from Forest Dept as well. There are 38 additional requests that are pending for the licenses to mine in and around Barda sanctuary. Obviously, forest dept are denied the claim categorically. Out of many licenses few were also renewed on bases of NOC from forest Dept.

Barda sanctuary is spread over 190 sq km falling in Jamnagar and Porbandar districts. According to Wildlife Protection Act (1972), mining is not permissible in 5 km periphery of the sanctuary.

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