Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Jamnagar - Recent Halar Visit - Part 1


Sorry for not posting since almost a week, well I was in Jamnagar from
18th to 22nd of Jan. Occasion was my cousins wedding.

It was one of my finest experiences of visiting Jamnagar since I left
Jamnagar some 8 years back. Chilling winter wind was all over the city
and maximum temp was just above 17-18, and min to 6-7.

However I enjoyed every piece of food I can grab.

A true Jamnagari can not live without some of the City basics, put it in
following order in the order of consumption.


Vanela Ganthiya + Super extra Sambharo + Super Extra Mora Marcha (Pref.
location Janata Fatak / Khodyar) - I used to have this daily since I was
in high-school.

Masala Cha (Tea) - Hawai Chowk, I swear I had almost 20 Tea in this 4
days. (Just from this place)


Given that we were on marriage and other places, I had little to lunch
out, however I tried to put things in balance with the following.

Limbu Soda / lemon Soda (Pref. Location - Lalwani / Digvijay plot)

Paan - Saadu Salli / Midhi Saadu (Pref. Location - Lalwani / Bajrang nr.
DKV or Ashok at Ranjit Nagar) - this time I can not enjoy Paan as much
as I used to do each time, I was stuck with bit of cough and winter side
effects :) but I took almost 2 a day.


Had Panipuri once but had enjoyed reception food, some Chinese starter
with soups, and nice Punjabi food with dry fruit sweet dishes, followed
by soda and paan.

In Part 2 - Will discuss my expedition for photo gallery
with some of the experiences in the city and how things are changing in
this never changing city.

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