Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Jamnagar - Khijadia bird sanctuary - Migratory birds Home

Khijadia bird sanctuary near Jamnagar is an excellent place for bird
watchers; this place is near to Sea and fresh water resources and hence
home too many varieties of migratory birds.

Currently Khijadia is home to 300+ varieties of migratory birds.

Khijadia is located just 10 kilometers towards north east of Jamnagar,

The Khijadia bird sanctuary has been nominated to be recognized as
Ramsar site, the global index for prominent wetlands and mangroves
favored by birds.

Khijadia bird sanctuary is spread over 605 hectare area,

It's a unique wetland place with sea-water on one side and fresh water
on the other side. With record of more than 200 species of birds that
nest here.

Its geological presence is the best reason to be an ideal hop-off
location for migratory birds, as the sanctuary is located on the
western-most part of the country that falls on the traditional route of
the migratory birds.

Presently there are three watch towers for bird watchers, as well as
inspection paths leading deep into the foliage. There is also provision
for paddleboats to go around, the sanctuary has three freshwater lakes,
mangroves, tidal mud humps, salty beds and everything which the
migratory birds and waders need.

The list of famous birds found at Khijadia is as follows

Black ibis
Black-winged kite
Brahminy kite
Pheasant-tailed Jacana
Common greenshank
Grey Francolin
Imperial eagle
Indian pond heron
Little tern
Black-tailed godwit
Comb duck
Common crane
Marsh harrier
Northern pintail
Eurasian pigeon
Pale harrier
Demoiselle crane
Sander ling

Crane arrivals are the best visual experience.

Other animals includes Nilgais, jackals, wolves, jungle cats, mongoose,
rabbits and certain snakes like the cobra at Khijadia bird sanctuary.

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