Thursday, June 29, 2006

Monsoon Fadding in Saurashtra - Jamnagar

Monsoon Fadding in Saurashtra - Jamnagar

Saurashtra and North Gujarat, the people are a worried about rain and farmers are dying to see a drop of rain. it is clear that Monsoon is fadding in Saurashtra.

because of intermittent rains dam water levels have gone down, low water levels in dams can not cop up with scarcity of drinking water and of irrigation water both, crop failure is in the minds of the farmers.

The administration doesn't care... they think that  last years  rainwater will solve the need, the water management sayd not to fear, while agriculture dept. has enough reasons to fear, 'Long duration crops like groundnuts and unirrigated variety of cotton, which depend heavily on rain water, will be hit if monsoon is delayed in these areas beyond July 3,' said R A Saresia, director of Agriculture Department.

Surendranagar officials informed that 16 villages depend on water tankers for drinking water, and found this as a routine. Meanwhile, Banaskantha district collector confirmed some 20 villages in the district are receiving drinking water from tankers.

Districts like Jamnagar, Amreli, Surendranagar and Mehsana are depending on dam water for supply to the villages.

In Jamnagar the problem is worst... as the district is using dam water for both drinking and irrigation.
Jamnagar District Collector V P Patel explained that city does not have serious problem , Okha, Dwarka and other areas are already using Vartu dam water.

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