Thursday, June 29, 2006

2004 Miss Jammu second runner-up Case

Jamnagar is in news again, this time in case of 2004 Miss Jammu second runner-up.

The 2004 Miss Jammu second runner-up was arrested from Delhi alongwith the couple and three others on June 25 on charges of prostitution, following the story a A BSF Jawan in Jammu Accused a Delhi-based couple of pushing his minor daughter into prostitution.

he said that the couple lured her to the capital with promises of making her a star / and of Model job.

"Kamal Sehgal and Muskan (a couple from Delhi), misled My minor daughter, she had met them in Delhi when she was there for a stage show. They tool benefit of her minor age , exploited her and pushed her into this racket," the father (BSF Lance Naik Vinod Kumar) said this to reportest in Jammu.

he adds that she is still a minor and this couple promised my daughter to give a modelling assignments and did not allow her to come back , Kumar had registered an FIR on April 16 saying that his daughter is missing.

Now comes jamnagar,  girls birth certificate is issued by the Commissioner of Jamnagar Mahanagar Palika in 1990, and the birth date was referred as November 14, 1988 (this proves that she is a minor )

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