Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fisherman Bana CrorePati - a catch worth millions

A Jamnagari fisherman became a Crorepati in just one catch.

Hassan Isha Bhaya, a small time fisherman from Bharana (Jamnagar) caught 363 Ghol fish while fishing near Jakhau. As per the fisheries , This type of fish is very rare and never caught in large quantity, also these are deep sea fishes and in area around Jafrabad to Kodinar.

A fish trader at Jakhau said that he has never seen this much catch in his fishing career of 35 years. This catch gave the fisherman 80 Lakh.

This entire cache was bought by the Veraval-based Fish dealer Rolex Sea Food. As per the current market prices, each Kg of Ghol Fish is sold for 600 Rs. In India, outside India it is sold for around 50 USD.

As Ghol fishes are rare they are difficult to find, also the medical aspects of the fish increases their prices in international market.

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