Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rain continue to lash Jamnagar

Rain lashed complete Jamnagar district yesterday also, lightning has muted BSNL network in Bhatia, Harshad and Jam Raval area as the lightning stuck on a BSNL tower. Jam Kalyanpur received 12 inch in just one day, a village in Kalyanpur is isolated from rest of the area.

Jamnagar city received 5 inch and totalled the season rain to 18 inch.

Almost all Dam in Jamnagar district are in condition to overflow, Sinhan/ Ghee in Khambhalia are overflowing. Many boats are stuck near okha, police marine department etc are working to get them ono the shore.

There was once again havoc created when two of the new door installed in Sani Dam got damaged and precious drinking water was wasted, villagers around the area could not tolerate this and they targeted staff and vehicle of irrigation department, one of the Tata Sumo was thrust in flowing water following this incident, Police had to intervene to control the mob.

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