Tuesday, August 23, 2011

2 Crore looted from Royals house recovered

In a weird news, Jamnagar police's patrolling jeep intercepted a car 2 nights back, to find Rs 2 crore in cash and 20 gold biscuits in it. As the three occupants of the car couldn't explain the origin of the cash, police arrested them, later it was learnt that the money from the house of Bhavanisinh Vala (86), a member of the Jamnagar royal family.

SP Subhash Trivedi updates that Vala received the cash recently after a land sale, strangley he died on Friday before he could keep it at a safe place. Two of Vala's nephews learnt about this cash from the watchman and housemaid Rita, and planned to steal it., the trio was arrested along with the car and cash.

After the arrest of trio and the maid, Bhavanisinh Vala's daughter filed a formal police complaint about the theft.

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