Monday, November 1, 2010

Hygiene Scare - Food joints shut down

In a late but effective step to ensure hygiene in restaurants, health department have asked three restaurants to shut down for next five days here in Jamnagar.


These three restaurants are located near Tin Batti area, naming Kalpana Restaurant, Madras Restaurant and Bhagodaya Rajputana Lodge, at Kalpana restaurant, clothes were washed inside the restaurant kitchen.


Along with restaurants, many dairy, food joint and street food stalls were also inspected, around 100 KG of non-edible sweets were discarded. Few shops among inspected are listed as below


  • Gokul Dairy (DigJam Circle)
  • Paavan Dairy (DigJam Circle)
  • Gatral Dairy (DigJam Circle)
  • Shreeji Sweets (Kamdar Colony Road)
  • Giriraj Food Zone (Kamdar Colony Road)


Citizens are requested to check the hygiene condition before barging in to any of the restaurants in Jamnagar.


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