Thursday, November 25, 2010

Global Bird Watcher's Conference - Started

Tourism Minister Jay Narayan Vyas inaugurated the Global Bird Watcher's Conference here in Jamnagar yesterday.

Global Bird Wacther's Conference - 2010 was inaugurated at Town hall and many district dignities were present during the inauguration. This includes Jam Sahib Jam Shatru Shalya Sinh ji who is an avid nature lover and a major figure in protecting and nourishing Khijadia as a National Bird Sanctury.
This conference will be held each year; this conference is already a roaring success with around 100 delegates participating outside India. Jamnagar is host to some 400 delegates worldwide for the bird watching conference; major foreign participation is from places like China, Russia, Philippines, UK and Western Russia. The list also includes big names in bird watching like Ben King who owns a bird watching tour company.

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