Thursday, November 18, 2010

Antilla : Mukesh Ambani house warming ceremony

Come November 28th and the world's richest house will welcome its owner, the richest man in India - Mukesh Ambani.

27 storey building is already under heavy preparation for housewarming ceremony, six levels of parking garage are getting arranged for more then 200 special visitors who will be attending house warming ceremony.

Residential Tower called "Antilla" is highest searched house on internet, thanks to its owner Mukesh Ambani and IPL owner Nita Ambani's levish spending; gross cost of the house is approx 2 bln USD. Total floor area of 37,000 Sq Meters will be called home for five people.

Mukesh Ambani heads the biggest company in India, Reliance Industries. Reliance is the world's biggest producer of polyester fibres and yarns and accounts for almost 15 percent of India's exports.
Reliance Petrochemical Complex’s Jamnagar refinery Unit produces 40% of petroleum need of the country and this single refinery complex produces 5% of world’s petrochemical needs.

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