Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cairn - Farmers Issue Explosive : Vikram Madam

Jamnagar Congress leader and MP Vikram Madam raised the issue of ongoing conflict with Cairn and Farmers of Jamnagar in Parliament,
Vikram Madam warned the parliament of the extreme consequences if the farmers cries are not heard, he also said that this could be a ticking bomb.

Jamnagar MP Vikram Maadam claims that farmers across Jamnagar district are exploited by Cairn India by acquiring lands at dirt cheap rates.

This issue was raised in Lok Sabha, Vikram Maadam informed the parliament that Cairn India is extending its work from Rajasthan to Gujarat is forcing farmers to give up their precious lands at the price of mere Rs 40,000 per acre. The same size of land is costing 4Lakh in Aligarh and still farmers are protesting. there, Vikram Maadam said that Gujarat farmers are being forced by the company to sell land at cheap rate under pressure from the land mafia and the local administration.

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