Friday, May 28, 2010

Call for Help - thalassemia major patient


A Couple from Lamba (Jamnagar) is in need of any form of help, 

For Bhikhu and Hansa Bharadwa, a couple living Maninagar, life has been a constant struggle. The joy of parenthood eluded them for 20 years and when they finally adopted a boy, he was diagnosed with thalassemia major.

Despite such odds, you won’t find any trace of discontentment on their faces. Their resolve stems from the desire to see the nine-year-old boy, Jay, hale and hearty.

The couple have little money with them, but they are doing everything they can to sponsor his treatment. They have sold off their house and are saving every possible penny for his medical care. “So what if he is an adopted child? He is our son and we will do everything for him that normal parents do,” they said.

news link: Love is thicker then blood  
If you wish to help the Bharadwas, you can contact them on 9974038696.

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