Thursday, September 3, 2009

3.36 Crore withdrawal scam

Rajkot police had filed a complaint against a Jamnagar based businessman has on account of money laundering.

Chetan Parekh, who runs investment from Mochi market Riddhi siddhi withdrew Rs 3 crore from his Bank of Baroda account, the money was deposited in his account by mistake.

IPC 403 FRI was filed on Thursday ,following the withdrawal of entire amount by Parekh.

BOB , by mistake deposited whooping 3.36 crore in Parekh's account on Saturday from UTI Bank by mistake. The entire amount was withdrawn Parekh Tuesday.

Investigation revealed that the Parekh took branch manager in confidence before he withdrawn the money. Parekh told the manager that he recived this payment from an overseas client and he intend to use this for buying a property. manager suggested Parekh to open a bank account on the name of the client which he promptly rejected.

Once BOB came to know of the issue and called Parekh, he put it as a wrong number and siphoned off the cash to many accounts.

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