Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lakhota Lake - Dismal Condition

Jamnagar citizens are famous of merry making, and may be they will be equally famous for neglecting their age old heritage, The Lakhota Fort.
This centuries old monument is in dismal condition due to negligence by local authority and Jamnagar residents.

Lakhota Fort and the Ranmal Lake were constructed two centuries ago by Jam Ranjitsinh. The Lakhota fort is constructed in the middle of Ranmal lake. After independence it was converted to museum. Semi-circular bastions, turrets, pavillion and many exquisite sculpture stored in the Lakhota fort also needs renovation.

The restoration project started of in 2005 but is at stale, authorities claim that un-availability of funds is the main reason. However if someone visit the Shravan fair at Pradarshan grounds, you can easily notice huge hoardings of City politicians, and in some cases mayor and deputy mayor as well. How come authority waste money for such publicity and deny funds for heritage which is the identity of the city.

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