Monday, August 11, 2008

Bandhani May Get GI Tag

There are some traditional fabrics which can stand apart even in today's hip-hop cultured dressing.

Perhaps the first name which comes in mind of a Gujarati lady will be "Bandhani".

With the name comes bright color, fine quality and a rich history of handmade Sarees, Jamnagar is famous for Tie-Die Bandhani, which is done by hands. this is a special art mastered by a few, the art is followed by generations and new vibrant colors and designs are added time by time.

Bandhani is not just a Saree, in parts of Kutch, Jamnagar and Rajasthan it is used as a turban or dupatta, modern ladies wear dress from Bandhani as its comfortable in hot season.

To save this exotic product, now Indian Textile ministry wants to brand the item with a location tag. Textile Ministry is working on a long list of 5,000 such items across India.

Govt. is working on a GI petition. If thats gets through, Bandhani makers will get a new life. As today there are many oppertunists who sell bogus Bandhani in the name of real one.


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