Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Fake Job Racket Busted

On Tuesday Jamnagar city police busted a fake job racket with the arrest of four people at Sikka in Jamnagar district.

At least 12 youths from different states of the country have lost thousands of rupee from these crooks.

It is assumed that the gang had collected around 75-80 Lakh before they were caught.

The modus Operandi of the gang was to lure youth by promising a job in gulf / Asia as a shipmen and were promised to earn around $500-$600 a month, Some of the youth smelled the conspiracy and informed Jamnagar Police.

Gang leader named "Captain Vijay Pratap Singh" and his assistant "Manoj Kumar" were arrested.

Interestingly, all youth have to submit a "Commission" of Re. 45,000 before the two party sign up a contract. When some of the youth could not get their promised job, they found the duo all the way to Jamnagar and logged a complain in City "C" division police station.

The duo were arrested in a Guest House in front of City Bus Stand.

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