Friday, January 25, 2008

Jamnagar - First Rural BPO Started in Mithapur

TCSRD (Tata Chemicals Society for Rural Development) has started a new
branch in BPO Industry.

A new Brand Called "Uday" has been created In Mithapur, The Tata Salt
City some 150 KM from Jamnagar.

This center will be specialized for Gujarat Call's and will attract the
Rural Talent, with attractive points like low attrition rates and low
infrastructure costs, this business is will be a sure Hit. Tata
Chemical's CEO Mr. Basu explained the rational behind the business and
the rural development efforts by Tata Chemicals - Currently Tata
Chemicals is collaborating the business with a Unit called "ServiceSol"

Initially Tata is planning to recruit some 70-100 staff, which will be
increased to 200 once the stabilization is achieved.

This will be beneficial to girls and home makers as well

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