Saturday, January 12, 2008

Jamnagar Air Force - Hawk AJT on the way

Indian Air Force has designted Jamnagar Air force base as a reception place for much talked Hawk Advance Jet Trainers.

India Air Force (AIF) is acquiring 66 Hawk advanced jet trainers (AJTs) from UK, these Training jets are designed by BAE Systems of a contract worth 1.75 Billion USD.

Out of 57 of the first batch, 40 will go to IAF and Navy will get 17.

The first two Hawks designed for the Air Force had alreway flewn from the BAE Systems facilities in Brough, East Yorkshire to India at Air Force Station, Jamnagar (Gujarat), in last November, from there they flew to Air Force Training Station at Bidar in Karnataka.

HAL will design 42 of more such training aircrafts.


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