Thursday, December 27, 2007

Jamnagar Brass Parts Owners - Rising against Chinese tide

Jamnagar is not just an alias of Reliance Petroleum Ltd. or home of Rolls-Royce's of Jamnagar's Kingship - The Jam sahibs

There is more to Jamnagar then it meets the eyes.

Jamnagar 's Major Industry is Brass Parts Manufacture, An industry which gives jobs to thousands of workers in Jamnagar and some hundred-thousands in nearby villages.

This single city serves 70% of India's demand for machine brass components. Today many tiny electrical and precision brass parts are made from Jamnagar's brass factories, some of the big names in the industry has client names ranging from BMW, GM, Toyota to many refinery equipment manufacturing companies, along with electrical and precision parts, brass parts manufacturers also produce Bicycle parts, nuts, screw, bolts, rivets, kitchen and car appliances. Currently Jamnagar Brass industry is a whooping 2,500 crore industry.

After ruling the world for 60 years, its shine is fading, one of the major problems is stiff competition from China, and China dumped low quality toys and electrical appliances, which removed many small companies which used to provide parts to Indian Toy maker companies.

However Sun has shone again, Jamnagar Brass industry is awake with Quality as new Mantra, M & A has showed these small entrepreneurs a new way of business, many of these small giants now learned the Global Impact on their small business and have decided to be Big.

Still some 2,500 SME of Brass Parts Manufacturers are facing the music, some of these started to explore unknown territory of Latin America, Africa and Scandinavian country for search of potential clients.

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